A stolen crochet postbox in Glasgow’s Merrylee

ANGRY residents have struck after a crocheted letterbox cover was stolen which ‘brought the community to smiles’ in Glasgow’s South Quarter.

Merrylee resident Susan Stewart, 57, has been crocheting mattress toppers since December 2019, after being inspired by a similar initiative in England.

Over the years, she’s crocheted a poppy-covered decoration for Remembrance Sunday and a spring-themed one with bees, in what she says is a small gesture that puts a smile on people’s faces.

Usually, the mattress toppers stayed in place for a few weeks, before Susan personally removed them to later replace them with a new design.

However, his latest creation has now disappeared and disappointed locals have reported the thief on Facebook.

This letterbox topper, created by resident Susan Stewart, was stolen in the Merrylee area of ​​Glasgow

One resident said: ‘No words Sue we all appreciate them so much and I know you put in the time and effort to make them.

“Whoever took this, for whatever reason, is a sad, sad person. Let’s do a full community search.

A second resident wrote: ‘Thank you for making these Sue, loved seeing them on our little mailbox and whoever took this down…shame on you.’

A third commented: “No way, I was just admiring it the other day. Why steal it? It will only fit a letterbox.

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Susan, who spends an average of a few evenings crocheting a topper, has no hope of finding her job.

She told the Glasgow Times: ‘It just makes people smile, just a little something for the community.

“He was probably some horrible teenager who maybe just pulled it off and threw it in the trash.

“Never happened before, they always stayed on until I took them off after a few weeks.

“A lot of people looked in their gardens.

“I wasn’t too bothered, to be honest, that says more about them, whoever took it.”

Susan has a new Ukraine-themed topper in the works, which she will attempt to secure with cable ties in the hopes that will deter anyone from taking it off.

Glasgow Times: A Christmas themed letterbox topper created by SusanA Christmas themed mailbox topper created by Susan

Glasgow Times: Another of Susan's creations placed on a Glasgow postboxAnother of Susan’s creations placed on a postbox in Glasgow

Glasgow Times: Susan had also created a special decoration for Remembrance Sunday, with poppies.Susan had also created a special decoration for Remembrance Sunday, with poppies.

Glasgow Times: Another Christmas-themed letterbox topper brings a festive touch to Glasgow's MerryleeAnother Christmas-themed letterbox topper bringing a festive touch to Glasgow’s Merrylee