Bolton Ukrainian Cultural Society thanks Anwacky for its crochet dolls

Members of the Bolton Ukrainian Cultural Society Center had smiles on their faces as they arrived at the center to see handmade puppets in the colors of Ukraine left at the door.

A blue and yellow crocheted heart was left on the doorknob while two small dolls were left on the steps, each holding a small sign that read ‘peace, love, ukraine’.

The Bolton Ukrainian Cultural Society Center posted on social media: “Found these lovely little knitted people on our doorstep this morning. They made us smile and we will take good care of them.”

They were made and left behind by a creative company called Anwacky. who often display their political protests and social advocacy through crochet creativity.

The center has been massively helped over the past few weeks with various ways to raise funds.

With vigils and prayers and a hugely successful donation of supplies when they made an appeal.

A spokesman for the center said: ‘The response to our March 3 collection could not have been more impressive – the people of Bolton and surrounding areas, we cannot thank you enough.’

But they are not currently accepting more supplies and are instead asking for monetary donations to be made to the center or other organizational funds.