League player makes adorable crochet Jinx for sale

GuelHandmade, an Etsy shop based in the Philippines, has created an adorable crocheted Jinx doll inspired by the League of Legends gaze of the character Esotericthe Netflix animated series from Riot.

After her breakthrough as First Lady of EsotericJinx has become one of the faces of the League franchise with many starting to show their love for the loose cannon champ. She became the inspiration for many projects, one of which is a handmade eight inch crochet doll.

Crochet Jinx was first brought into the public eye when Reddit user BunnyBheb posted a 17-second video featuring the handmade doll. It features Jinx’s signature blue hair while retaining the adorable features of a crochet doll, like the black dots for her eyes and pink blush on her skin.

The Jinx crochet doll was created by Kevin Quilala, who runs the Filipino company GuelHandmade. Through their Etsy shop, the crochet team has created a number of different crochet versions of popular TV and movie characters. Some of these creations include characters from Genshin Impact and a variety of Disney Princesses. Although given the popularity of her crocheted Jinx doll, the possibility of GuelHandmade by creating others League– Inspired crochet dolls may become a reality in the future.

The Jinx Crafty Crochet is currently available for $62.34 via GuelHandmade Etsy, where the popular League the character is quickly sold out after making the headlines League and Esoteric Reddit threads.

Riot has confirmed that Esoteric will be returning for a second season, where Jinx will be back as the show’s focal point. A release date for the next season has yet to be announced, although it is speculated that it will arrive in 2022 or 2023. For now, Jinx fans can watch the entire first season of Esoteric on Netflix.