Tribal woman opens craft shop in Peshawar – Newspaper

PESHAWAR: A young woman from the North Waziristan tribal district recently opened a craft store here in Saddar Bazaar to promote local culture.

Sadaf Wazir, the woman from Waziristan, told this scribe that she also wanted to help the female artisans involved in making different handicrafts. She said that some time ago while doing an MPhil at Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, a new idea came to her mind to start a store to market handicrafts , mainly women artisans.

She said it enabled her to promote local culture and ensure that craftswomen earn a handsome sum for their valuable handicrafts, which had no specific center before.

Mrs. Sadaf opened her dream outlet where models of over 150 handicrafts were displayed to potential buyers. She said she was inspired by her university exhibits where students from remote areas participated in the events and exhibited their regional crafts.

Wants to promote the works of women artisans

The outlet displayed handmade shawls, embroidered dresses, bracelets, caps, baskets, sandals and household items made from various objects and materials.

“I was struck by a new idea of ​​a store with different handicrafts and after discussing it with my family, I got a green signal and conducted a survey and visited different districts in KP where I discovered many women artisans from Waziristan in Swat and came up with a mechanism to market their handmade items to this outlet,” she said.

Ms Sadaf said that during her fact-finding visit, she met many women artisans, who had no source to market their handmade products, so her outlet would help them financially. “I don’t have enough space to display all the items, but I’m sure craftswomen can make a lot of money once their crafts are marketed where potential buyers show up,” she said. added.

She said the local culture would be promoted and persevered in this way. She said it would also empower poor craftswomen. About her future plans, she said that she wants to connect with craftswomen across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and also wants to have a special shelf for specific handicrafts so that poor craftswomen can be duly supported. .

“I would approach the departments of welfare and culture to provide me with enough space for the exhibition and training of women artisans so that they can connect to the point of sale to market their handmade products and also for online promotion,” Ms. Sadaf said.

Posted in Dawn, April 15, 2022