11 crochet mini dresses to stay cool this summer

When models walked the runway in intricately woven, multi-coloured maxi dresses at Chloé’s Spring/Summer 2022 debut last year, one thing became clear: fashion’s love affair with crochet was well and truly there. back.

Jil Sander also championed the look on her Spring/Summer 2022 runway, and Altuzarra showed off crochet tops and bralettes attached to voluminous dresses with flared skirts. It was official; Gone are the days when crocheting was simply considered your grandmother’s favorite pastime – the look has now returned as a fashion trend in its own right.

Unsurprisingly, with designer brands championing the technique, it didn’t take long for the rest of the industry to get on board. From independent labels to major brands, retro-inspired crochet dresses in all shades of the rainbow are now readily available.

Interestingly, there is also a sustainable side to this trend. As a technique, crochet generates very little waste because only the necessary yarn is used and there are no scraps to throw away or extra fabric to throw away at the end of the day. Additionally, many contemporary brands actually work with artisans to create their crochet garments, helping to preserve techniques that have been used for generations.

Whether you’re looking for an outfit option for the holidays or a standout style to wear to an upcoming festival, crochet mini dresses are undeniably on the rise. Keep scrolling to buy the best option right now.