14 must-visit places for trendy handmade crochet items in Lebanon

Crochet knitting has always been a part of Lebanese culture and traditions, with most people in the country growing up watching their grandmothers, even their mothers, crochet table linens and doilies, and wearables, especially cute outfits for the little ones.

These days, crochet has once again become a fashion trend, and not just in Lebanon, from cardigans, scarves and beanies for warmth during the winter, to funky crochet bags and crop tops for summer outings.

And there are those cute, cuddly amigurumi dolls that are becoming a must-have for kids and babies, and… for kids at heart living their working adult lives.

If you are considering joining the trend and haven’t done so yet or are looking for crochet items for your next garment or gift, there are various skillful artisans producing beautiful “made with love” items in Lebanon that you can might want to find out.

Most, if not all, of this list can be reached on Instagram and some of them ship locally, regionally or worldwide.

Wool nest #1

You’ll find lovely knitwear, embroidered accessories, cross stitch and crochet items at Wool Nest. This Lebanese company is amazing for crochet fans.

#2 Youhou Creations

The skilled hands behind Youhou Creations create beautiful crochet blankets and quilts, as well as tote bags, cute dolls, and clothes like cardigans to keep you warm in the winter.

#3 Knit and knit

Trim N Knits fills the crochet “spectrum” with the variety of handmade items it sells, from crochet scrunchies, tote bags and cute warm cardigans.

#4 Cosmic Knot

Cosmic Knot sells handcrafted crochet accessories including wrist and anklets, bags, backpacks, beanies, hats and scarves, as well as keychains and cute accessories to add a vivid look to your cellphone.

#5 Knits N Knots

Knits N Knots sews amazing crochet garments suitable for both winter and summer, from cardigans to cute crop tops and bralettes. She also sells handbags and table linen sets.

#6 Single Hook

If you wanted to buy a cool crochet handbag, Unique Crochet seems to be focused on that category, with a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. It also manufactures accessories, such as utility hook sets for the bathroom, for makeup items, and more.

#7 Hook by Maguy

Crochet By Maguy offers a refined selection of beautiful shawls, cozy blankets, home accessories and very cute dolls to discover absolutely.

#8 Handmade Crochet Janine

Janine Handmade Crochet offers a wide variety of crochet items including crochet pillows, bags, hats, decor items, as well as crochet coasters and bottle covers.

#9 Zaz Knitwear

From silk granny square long cardigans to expertly handcrafted herringbone ponchos, cardigans and handbags, Zaz Knits is definitely an artisan entity worth checking out.

#10 Hook by FK

If you wanted to decorate your home with crochet accessories, check out Crochet By FK, who also make adorable crochet baskets and baby items.

#11 Crochet Jood

Crochet Jood creates cute and trendy crochet fashion items, from dresses and sweaters to adorable crop tops and bralettes.

#12 Crochet Hazelnut

Crochette Noisette is owned by artist and performer Rima Gabriel Goraieb who creates exquisite crochet works that are works of art. From blankets and amigurumi to cardigans and sweaters and home accessories, you can find a wide variety of beautiful and lively crochet products on her site.

#13 Kabkoob Hook

If you’re looking for super cute amigurumi, which make unique gifts, check out Kabkoob Crochet. You can also find crochet accessories for gadgets, handbags, etc.

#14 Bags by Jennifer

Lebanese brand of luxury crochet bags and concept fashion, Bags by Jennifer prides itself on creating one-of-a-kind crochet pieces, all intricately made locally. Each of these bags is personalized with a woman’s name, which makes them a bit special to have.