The craft has become increasingly popular since the start of the pandemic. As we searched for new activities to entertain ourselves from the comfort of our own homes, many of us grabbed our crochet hooks, sharpened our crayons, or threaded our embroidery needles. But all over the world, traditional craftsmanshipRead More →

TEHRAN – One of the most common Hormozgan handicrafts is Khos-duzi, a type of embroidery created for local purposes. Khos-duzi consists of sewing thin strips of Khos or Naqdeh on thin lace. The bands are arranged in geometric, cursive, arabesque, ‘Danehee’ and ‘Kheshti Payeh Boland’ designs and patterns. Besides laceRead More →

Crochet is the pandemic buddy I’ve been creating for the past few months, and it’s been well worth the price of my sore fingers. Knitting is a perfect pandemic activity, but have you considered its brother, crochet? Unlike knitting which is done with two sticks, crocheting involves a single crochet.Read More →