As part of our GH Stitch Club, we show beginners all the basic knitting and crochet techniques, including this step-by-step tutorial to help you learn how to make a slip stitch. A slip stitch is a basic technique that can help with any crochet project and can even be usefulRead More →

Patterned knitting takes on new life, beyond grandma’s couch throw. Olivia Rodrigo’s tube “Driving license” broke streaming records, topped the Billboard charts and scored nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards. At only 18 years old, she is a pop star who has a lot of influence on social networks.Read More →

Express press service HYDERABAD: The specialized embroidery work found on traditional Lambadi skirts, dupattas and cholis is unique to the Lambada community, whose women have preserved the intricate style for centuries. Although it may seem only a matter of time before their traditional embroidery perishes, with those of the previousRead More →

JANOME/BERNETTE Embroidery on denim dresses and tops has become more and more trendy and popular. But hand embroidering can be time consuming and exhausting, and can even accidentally prick your fingers. Embroidery machines are an easier (and much faster!) way to personalize your garments with designs and customizations. Whether youRead More →