22 best crochet gifts for your crafty friends 2022


Thanks to the booming bohemian aesthetic, which encompasses fun, funky patterns and incredibly touchable textiles, crochet is back and bigger than ever. Suddenly, vintage crafts made from yarn are modern again, making crochet gifts a great idea this Christmas. Seriously, whether you’re looking for gifts for your mom, husband or boyfriend, or a kid, something made from sewing just might be the way to go. But what if you don’t know how to crochet a soup ladle or just don’t have time this season to whip up a sweater for your sister?

There’s no need to panic, because we’ve come to the rescue with the following crochet gifts you can buy. Relieve the pressure of this vacation and save time, energy, and quite possibly your sanity by buying a few key items instead of worrying about crafting them. Because whether you’re thinking of a blanket for Aunt Betsy, a beanie for the little baby, or anything from earrings to tea towels, ornaments to stockings for the rest of the crew, we’ve got you covered. you need. So give your hands and hang on a break this Christmas and read on for the best crochet gifts.

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Baby Beanie



cardigan sweater


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snowflake ornaments


Etsy’s Pick

big scarf



head scarf


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gingerbread ornament


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crochet basket


Jefferies Socks

Baby slippers

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