5 things to crochet for fall


The walk until 8am is absolutely freezing. You stop to take photos of the trees exploding with incredible color on the way to class. You want to see again Gilmore Girls… Again. The lingerie you ordered for Halloweekend on Amazon is out of stock. Autumn is here.

In addition to the usual fall activities on your radar, I’m adding another: crocheting!

Personally, I’ve been crocheting since late 2020, part of my personal discovery during quarantine. After seeing so many videos on TikTok of these amazing creations people had made, I made a commitment to teach myself how to do this seemingly magical craft. After almost two years in my grandmotherly hobby, I feel equipped to share some of my favorite things to crochet for fall, including some items that are on my to-do list! And without lingering any longer, here they are:

(Although all of these items are categorized as beginners, it’s essential to master the basics first! If you’ve never crocheted before, YouTube is your best friend and Amazon has tons of materials.)

Raise your shoulders

I almost screamed when I saw this shrug on Instagram, and was thrilled when I found out the designer had a tutorial with step-by-step instructions for sizes XS-XXL. Shrugs are such a cute option for layering that the weather becomes slightly more erratic in its temperature changes. It is perfect to combine over a turtleneck or a tank top depending on the warmth you want. Play around with yarn types and weights for customizable comfort! Use a warm color palette for a more autumnal vibe or whatever works for you.

mini pumpkin

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how CUTE this little pumpkin is. You thought this item was only going to be clothes? Bad! Get in loser we do our own decoration too. What’s better than pumpkins in the fall? What are mini pumpkins? May I also suggest sewing eyes and a mouth for a jack-o-lantern with a little extra pizzazz. BRB on his way to make a dozen to scatter in my room.

fingerless gloves/hand warmers

The New Englander in me once scoffed at the idea of ​​having gloves that didn’t cover my fingers in what sometimes feels like tundra. While the style of fingerless gloves was originally intended for physical activities to protect the hands while allowing room for finger dexterity, it was popularized into fashion by Madonna in the 80s. came to see the light on these accessories which offer great layering options, extra warmth and frankly make you look really cool in my opinion. (Just promise to wear real gloves when it’s cold, your fingertips will thank you.)

maple leaves

More decoration! The possibilities with these adorable little leaves are endless. Here are some options:

  • thread a piece of string through the top spikes to create a maple leaf banner to hang over a door or above a TV
  • individually hang from ceilings using string to create a permanent leaf fall state
  • add a few more rows to the circular center to create festive coasters (be sure to use cotton yarn for its heat-resistant and long-lasting properties!)


Tote bags are essential for every season and fall is no exception. There are countless options for making these basic accessories once you learn how to make granny squares. Granny squares are so versatile in their patterns, from florals to checkerboards, that you can find a tutorial for just about anything and choose colors from there. Here’s one of my favorite designs for tying the squares together, and a gorgeous sunflower square with beautiful fall colors.

Finally, here’s a fall playlist to listen to while you spin. Good hook!