A 23-year-old girl from Kupwara writes a success story in crewel embroidery

A 23-year-old girl from Kupwara writes a success story in crewel embroidery

posted on August 08, 2022 | Author AATIF QAYOOM

Srinagar, 07 August: Razia Sultan, a 23-year-old crewel embroiderer from Kupwara has scripted her own success story after a setback when her father passed away in 2012. There was no one in her family to support them financially and she decided to take it all on her own. shoulders. She started her crewel embroidery business.

“After my father died in 2012, we were devastated because no one in our family was winning. We have been crushed beyond belief. However, fate had a wonderful plan for my family and me,” says Razia Sultan.

Sharing her journey with Rising Kashmir, Sultan said that when she was 19, she started training at a local hand weaving and crafts unit. “After spending some time at the training center, I was honored with a state award from the department, which fueled my enthusiasm for crewel embroidery,” she added.

This award completely changed his life. She took up crewel embroidery as a profession.

Sultan, after learning the art of unity, now teaches other girls. She has set up a learning center where she has trained more than 200 girls from her area so far. “I do it to make sure other girls would live their lives independently.”

She claimed that many girls and women flocked to her for crafting instructions.

Sultan had his fair share of difficulties when setting up his business. The early years were difficult for her. Convincing customers and getting them to buy his products was a challenge. With no money in her pocket and the discouraging people around her, she braved it all and now lives an independent life.

Not only Sultan, but now his sister, Aasiya, who graduated in nursing, is also learning the art from her. Asiya said her sister earns around 60-70,000 cases per month.

The 23-year-old believed in self-sufficiency and suggested that women and girls should come forward and start their businesses to simultaneously generate jobs and profits.

In her center, she aims to provide jobs to women who have not had the chance to receive a proper education. She didn’t let lack of education become a reason for not having economic fulfillment.