A new tight-knit community group for crochet lovers

A NEW knitting and crocheting social group has started on the Bellarine Peninsula, welcoming all knitters and crocheters for tea, coffee and a chat as they knit and crochet together.

Bellarine Peninsula Knit One Crochet Too started last Saturday, March 12 and will be held the second and fourth Saturdays of every month between 2-4 p.m. at the Bellarine Training and Community Hub.

The group was initiated by Ocean Grove local Julie Slaviero and is run with the help of the Bellarine Training and Community Hub.

Julie Slaviero first thought of starting a crochet and knitting club last Christmas when she couldn’t find a knitting group in the area that could accommodate those working full time.

She picked up the idea from a social knitting group she used to go to in Geelong, where she said she made lifelong friends and knitted a lot.

“We used to just casually meet for a knit and a chat and lunch, that sort of thing,” Ms. Slaviero said.

“I’ve been at Ocean Grove for about four years now and haven’t been in a knitting group for a long time.

“So last year I suddenly thought I’d really like to go back to a knitting group because you tend to work on your projects a lot more when you dedicate your time, especially when you’re working and you have children, etc. other.”

Ms Slaviero said she posted on a number of local community pages hoping to find a group on the Bellarine Peninsula, but when she couldn’t find one that suited her to work full time and find time for her family, she decided to start one herself.

“And I tried to hunt and find a group, but of course I couldn’t find any,” she said.

“A lot of them were running during the day while a lot of us were still working, so they tended to go to retired people.

“So because there was nothing, I was like ‘okay, let’s see how to start something’.”

Julie’s current project, a quilt she worked on at Bellarine Peninsula Knit One Crochet Too. Photo: JULIE SLAVIERO

Ms. Slaviero said she began the search for the perfect space to host a group when she contacted the Bellarine Training and Community Hub.

“The goal is for anyone, man, woman or anyone, anyone who likes to knit or crochet, to get together, knit, crochet, have coffee and chat, so it’s just a casual thing.”

The group is open to everyone, with no registration or tickets needed and only a $5 entrance fee to cover venue costs, tea and coffee.

Those who want to know more can head over to the Bellarine Peninsula Knit One Crochet Too Facebook page.