A World of Warcraft player makes his raid team’s crochet dolls

A World of Warcraft fan creates handmade crochet dolls of his 25-man Burning Crusade raid team, including accessories, pets and a boss.

With a large player base built up over two decades, World of Warcraft has a lot of creative fans. A classic world of warcraft The player crocheted miniature dolls of his entire 25-man raid team, including weapons, accessories, and even a boss.

The impressive project was made by IllustriousBarber246. Although they had only just started crocheting when they started the project during a hospital stay, IllustriousBarber246 was able to make the dolls in four and a half months.


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The burning crusade The raid squad consists of 26 characters – the team’s ghost priest has a normal and shadow form doll – as well as various weapons, pets, summons and accessories. IllustriousBarber246 even included shaman totems, shapeshifting animals, mage refreshment tables, and a sorcerer’s soul well. To top it off, IllustriousBarber246 also hooked the Black Temple Reliquary of Souls boss for the raid team to face off against. The boss was chosen with the help of their fellow Redditors.

IllustriousBarber246’s daughter also helped them create the background for the raid diorama photos they took. Technically, they need to finish a few more dolls for the alternate members of their wow raid team, but the main group is fully finished. Once they’re all done, IllustriousBarber246 plans to send the dolls to their respective players. The full gallery of their work, including in-depth detailed work of each doll, can be found on their Instagram, jinxiscrochet.

Companion World of Warcraft gamers who saw IllustriousBarber246’s work immediately fell in love with it. The love and detail that went into the project is evident, and players enjoyed seeing iconic icons World of Warcraft level sets have transformed into adorable plushies. Some players commented on the lack of turnover during the draft – obviously only a few players left the team over the months. “It turns out having a small army of crocheted voodoo dolls comes in handy,” they said. Other players have asked if IllustriousBarber246 is taking orders, but they’re currently not interested in crocheting more than a hobby.

World of Warcraft Classics the dedicated fanbase is full of guilds and communities like that of IllustriousBarber246. Although it does not have as many players as retail World of Warcraft, it has a solid player base of almost 500,000 players per day. Currently, Blizzard plans to launch Wrath of the Lich King classic later this year, with a likely fall or winter release. While he has yet to reveal an exact launch date, players can expect to hear one soon – and will likely be able to start the Wrath of the Lich King classic beta in the next few months.

classic world of warcraft is now available on PC.

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Source: Instagram/jinxihook

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