Amazing Kingfisher bird embroidery looks like a photograph

At first glance, this dramatic scene of a kingfisher bird diving into the water could be mistaken for a photograph. But, look again. Everything is created using yarn. The incredible image is the work of the embroiderers of XQ Vietnama group of embroiderers who create incredibly realistic works with just a needle and dental floss.

Using the thread painting embroidery technique, XQ Vietnam creates layers of stitches in a variety of colors to create tone and volume. This is illustrated on the kingfisher’s body, particularly on the back of its head and neck. Deep blues, grays and browns come together to create the delicate feather beards. Also, the direction of the yarn makes a difference; the way the thread rests reinforces the illusion that this bird is actually diving underwater to catch a fish.

Creating this piece was a demanding task, but it is consistent with the craft. “The hardest part of embroidery is the details and the patience,” XQ Vietnam told My Modern Met. “I have to use the right color for each detail and be patient. It’s not every time the embroidery is what I want, so I have to cut it out to sew that part back on.

If you’re considering trying embroidery, don’t let the slow process deter you. “Some works of art can take years, but as long as you appreciate them,” says XQ Vietnam, “everything will be possible.”

XQ Vietnam has created a stunning bird embroidery that looks like a photograph. Check out the details:

Detail of a Kingfisher bird embroideryDetail of a Kingfisher bird embroideryXQ Viet Nam: Website | instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature photos from XQ Vietnam.

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