Beijing embroidery

These beautiful flowers and birds are all Beijing embroidery works, a traditional craft that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Beijing embroidery is one of the eight exquisite handicrafts of Beijing. Also known as Imperial Embroidery, it was originally intended for the Imperial Household.

Developed and flourished during the last two Chinese dynasties it was used to make luxurious imperial dresses with silk thread as well as gold thread, symbolizing wealth and power.

The patterns of Beijing embroidery depict auspicious things and signs, such as Chinese dragon and phoenix as well as other auspicious animals and blooming flowers.

Different embroidery colors have different symbolic meanings.

Yellow represents the supreme power of emperors;

Red is festive and auspicious;

While blue symbolizes elegance and dignity.

Different patterns and colors are harmoniously combined, constituting the unique embroidery of Beijing, a traditional needlework art that embodies the spirit of craftsmanship.

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