Billings’ mom finds passion and business success hand-knitting home decor

Small businesses can often be difficult to manage – but one mother from Billings does it all on her own – while raising two young children.

Micayla D’Ambrosia launched her small business, “Grown Cozy,” in September 2021. She was raising her first child — and like many other new moms — was struggling mentally.

D’Ambrosia was looking for a new hobby to help with the change. She and a friend decided to try making chunky blankets, but she soon realized that perfection takes practice.

“I was like, ‘I’ll never do that again,’ I was so frustrated, my toddler was like running around, so I never thought I’d do it again,” D’Ambrosia says.

But after some encouragement from friends, D’Ambrosia began to enjoy the craft and quickly became captivated by hand knitting.

“I started making blankets for my friends and started posting them more and people loved it, so I started enjoying it and helping other people’s homes feel cozier,” says From Ambrosia.

After friends continued to cheer her on, D’Ambrosia decided to turn her hobby into a business. She decided on the name “Grown Cozy” and got to work.

D’Ambrosia explains that she spends the day taking care of her two children. When her husband, Sage, comes home from work, she begins fulfilling orders.

“I do it with my hands, I don’t use needles or anything like that,” D’Ambrosia says.

After perfecting blankets, D’Ambrosia decided to branch out and started making cozy pillows, plant hangers and more.

D’Ambrosia now accepts custom orders for her handmade items, and she also sells her items at local farmers markets and craft fairs.

After a year in business, D’Ambrosia is still getting creative and recently started offering pillow pumpkins for fall.

Kelsey Merison

Owner of “Grown Cozy” holding a pillow pumpkin

“They’re kind of cool because you can actually glue the rod down, and they go back to being pillows,” D’Ambrosia says. “So when it’s not pumpkin season, you can just put the stem in.”

D’Ambrosia tells MTN News that these pumpkins were a huge hit at Harvest Fest in Billings, which she attended on October 8.

"Grown comfortable" throw pumpkin pillows

Kelsey Merison

Grown Cozy Pillow Pumpkins

She also works with local bars and shops to salvage their old bottles and recycle them into flower vases, which she says is a sustainable way to decorate a home.

But this company goes far beyond the simple creation of a warm decor.

Since launching her business in September 2021, the D’Ambrosias have welcomed another member into their family, giving her even more reason to pursue her dream.

“Owning a small business has always been a big dream for me, and having my babies see me chase a dream is so huge to me. They can watch me chase my dream, so hopefully they will chase theirs too. .” said d’Ambrosia.

Ambrosia Family

Kelsey Merison

Ambrosia Family

Hand knitting is a great way for D’Ambrosia to unwind after a long day chasing after two kids under 2. She thinks this hobby has improved her mental health and wants to encourage others to find something that interests them.

“I always tell people it’s good to have hobbies, so give it a try. I really like people who have their own hobbies, especially moms, who have their own thing,” D’Ambrosia says.

D’Ambrosia has found her niche and believes there is a hobby for everyone.

Orders can be placed on his siteor you can see her working on her booth at local craft shows and farmers markets around Billings.

D’Ambrosia tells MTN News that the next event you can find her at is the local Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Market on October 22.

“Even though it’s technically work, it’s also very, very relaxing,” D’Ambrosia says. “It’s an outlet for me.”

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