Bookish cross stitch and embroidery designs to download and create

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There’s a pile of unfinished cross stitch projects in a box in my house. It’s not that I don’t want to do them. It’s just that I’m getting a little too ambitious in what I can and can’t do, and those projects seem to get dropped more than others. Cross stitch and embroidery, however, are two amazing crafts for readers who enjoy doing something with their hands while they read – and more, there are so many great cross stitch and embroidery designs books to try.

Find in this overview a multitude of bookish cross-stitch and embroidery designs. All of these are instant downloads, which means you can do them on your own schedule and have the flexibility to choose the colors you prefer for the final project. Also? One good thing about patterns like this is that you can make them multiple times. Maybe one of these projects will be the perfect fit for everyone in your book club.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, below you’ll find the perfect bookish cross stitch or embroidery patterns to download. I’ve included a bit of everything from general book-themed pieces to ones related to a well-known book or author.

Let’s be stung.

Bookish cross stitch and embroidery patterns to download

This pair of cross stitch patterns is perfect for beginners. They would look great in a youngster’s bedroom or, you know, in your own home library. $7

Cross stitch representing an open book with mountains and a river on it.  The words

Another take on the “just one more chapter” cross stitch pattern. This one is a bit more challenging and features a beautiful nature scene. $5

Embroidery design including four books, flowers and a mug.

Not only do you get this lovely model to practice some bookish embroidery, but this download also comes with a YouTube tutorial to learn. $11

Image of a cross stitch.  It's the back of a book with the words

One of the best parts about using a pattern, as opposed to a kit (although there are tons of benefits there too!) is that you can choose your canvas color and the colors of your threads. This “Read more. “Read often” in cross stitch is a great example. $4

Image of a cross stitch that reads

Good, do you? $4

POW!  in orange, black and yellow cross stitch.

Fear not, comic book lovers. There are tons of fun cartoon cross stitch patterns, including this prisoner of war! a. $4

Batman Bubble Gum inspired cross stitch picture featuring Batman and Robin.

Marrying a love from all things Batman with a love from when they sold chewing gum. $7 for this nifty cross stitch pattern.

Cross stitch representing a pile of books with a kitten on it.  They are all sewn to look shiny.

It’s a sparkly rainbow cat on a pile of books. Purrfection! $6

Reading two completed embroidery designs

If, like me, you thought it was about a “strong female leader” and were excited, imagine how exciting it is to see that it says “strong female reading”. This embroidery pattern is $10.

Brightly colored cross stitch with the words "do not panic."


Image of a skeleton reading in a cemetery.  Behind the skeleton is a tombstone reading

I do hope there will be as much time to read when I am dead as there is to sleep when I am dead. Amusing, skeleton cross stitch pattern. $6

Embroidery representing a human torso and a head that is an open book.

Do you have a head made of books? $9

Image of an embroidery design depicting a shelf of colorful books.

Embroider a colorful shelf and place it on your own shelf. $6

Image of a green dragon on top of a shelf.

Calling all book dragons. Cross-stitch a beautiful dragon at the top of its lair: a shelf. $13

Image of a cross stitch pattern with a cozy chair, a fireplace, a cat, plants and many books.

This may be the corner of my dream book here, and I’ll climb in cozy cross stitch if I could. $5

Image of a pile of embroidered books.  The finished pattern is against a bookshelf.

This sweet book stack embroidery design would give you a great beginner project and allow for a ton of color customization. $5

Image of a finished cross stitch on the top of some books.  The cross stitch is a big heart with the word

Finally, sometimes it pays to keep it short, sweet, and simple. This cross stitch books is more than enough to declare your love for the written word. $3

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