Borderlands 3 Fan Showcases Zer0 Embroidery Project

Borderlands 3 fans have found unique ways to express their appreciation for the series lately. A fan Borderlands 3 The design is also particularly interesting, as it sees one of the most popular Vault Hunters embroidered onto fabric.

This post joins the recent Borderlands 3 nail art as a major departure from the usual cosplay, designs and paints that are used to show love for the franchise. Along with the nail art, one fan included characters like Claptrap and psychos on each nail, with a Vault symbol also featured on one of their nails. However, the new Borderlands embroidery project does not focus on several subjects – at least not yet, anyway. For now, it’s focused closely on the beloved assassin Zer0.


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the Borderlands The community has shown an incredible amount of love for Zer0 lately, with everything from artwork to a replica of Zer0’s sword appearing online. This post is particularly special, however, as the embroidery is not something one would expect to see used for a piece of Borderlands art. However, MaddRae proves it’s a perfect match, as the haiku-loving killer looks terrific with his hand under his chin and one of his arms crossed.

Unsurprisingly, the response to this fan’s creation has been amazing, with many adoring the look of Zer0 in this artwork. While it’s not colored, it does show every detail of his armor, whether it’s the bump on his cheat plate or the lines of his other protective gear. This line placement does a great job of making Zer0 look like it’s straight out of the game, as it manages to retain the cel-shaded art style that made the series so recognizable. However, the best part of MaddRae’s work can be seen above Zer0’s helmet.

Zer0’s holographic faceplate allows him to display his emotions in red text, allowing him to clearly state how he feels without players ever seeing his face. The smiley face is the most used, while an open-mouthed variation of this smile can also be seen. The number zero is also possible, as is a heart, an exclamation mark and certain acronyms. For this piece, MaddRae chose the angled face, Zer0 seeming disinterested in everything going on around him. With the red emote raised above the actual hand-embroidered version of Zer0, it clearly stands out from the rest of the image.

For the fans in the comments who love MaddRae’s work, they should be happy to know that another track is on the way. Next time the fan will focus on FL4K, which seems fitting given their potential connection to Zer0.

Borderlands 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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