Burramine’s Own Knitting Champion | Shepparton News

Margaret, who has knitted and crocheted for several decades, showcased a knitted garment at the Yarrawonga Show before winning the top honor at the Berwick and Warrnambool shows to be considered eligible to take part in the Royal Melbourne Show in September.

The top prize for the Royal Melbourne show was a $300 shopping voucher.

“The knit went to Berwick who won first prize and then to Warrnambool who deemed it eligible for the Royal Melbourne Show,” Margaret said.

“I was surprised when they called me and said I had the top prize at the Royal Melbourne Show. “With such a big show and so many entries, I couldn’t believe mine was emerged victorious.

“I entered a red cardigan in the Yarrawonga Show this year which won the top prize, but to have my work even on display in Melbourne was wonderful.”

Margaret has been knitting for almost 80 years with an interesting introduction to the craft.

“I originally learned in Melbourne at school around 1944, as we used to sew for soldiers,” Margaret said.

“It was a great skill to learn and knowing that our men were fighting for us was great motivation to get involved.

“I’ve done quite a bit of knitting and crocheting throughout my life because I have five kids and knitted a lot of their clothes when I was a kid.

“As far as my knitting or crochet exhibited or judged, I have been to different shows over the years, mostly in the Yarra Valley and Healesville where I am from, as well as locally in Yarrawonga and Benalla.”

With knitting a love of Margaret, she says she will continue to make new items as long as she can.

“It’s my outlet. I used to play badminton, but after a fall just a few years ago I couldn’t play sports and spent more time knitting and crocheting,” Margaret said.

“I will continue to knit and crochet for a while and will always incorporate my work into shows when I can.

“I now have a great-grandchild, maybe I’ll start knitting even more for the next generation. »