Cake embroidery by Heather Ríos looks good enough to eat

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Have you ever seen an embroidery that could make your mouth water? Artist Heather Rios creates amazing mixed media embroidery pieces that look like treats. Scrolling through her Instagram will feel like walking through a bakery and it may even conjure up sweet smells and tastes.

Ríos uses a variety of embroidery techniques, including punch needle embroidery, as well as Sculpey clay and acrylic paint to create a wide range of amazing faux treats. There is something for everyone: confetti cake, vanilla donuts, cupcakes with all colors of frosting, chocolate cake bites and much more. Many of these creations are available for purchase on her Etsy and are made to order, ensuring that each piece of candy-like artwork has the buyer in mind.

With over 28,000 followers on Instagram and rave reviews from fans and customers, the popularity of Ríos bakery art is undeniable. As of June 2022, two of her TikToks have garnered a combined total of over 600,000 views and comments are filled with amazement at the realism of her cakes. An user said, “I still thought it was real even after you touched it.” Another admits: “It took me three whole views to figure out it wasn’t food.” Even after realizing it wasn’t real food, a bystander States“I would still eat it,” showing how tasty Ríos’ work is.

Just when you thought his illusions couldn’t get any more realistic, a short scroll through Ríos’ social media will surprise you. While the majority of the artist’s designs are on canvas, some of the man-made confections are three-dimensional. Using craft mousse as a base, Ríos transforms his flat pieces into realistic slices of cake on real plates.

Ríos’ love for embroidery in unconventional ways is on display on her Instagram as far as you can scroll. Everything from Dolly Parton and Mona Lisa to Harry Styles and Office got a textile reinvention from the artist. It seems that Ríos has made a change in April 2022 to focus on her signature confectionery embroidery pieces, which make our eyes happy and our stomachs rumble.

Scroll below to see some of Ríos’ delicious works of art and find even more goodies at instagram and Etsy.

Artist Heather Ríos creates works of art that look deceptively delicious.

Embroidered Cake Painting by Heather Ríos

From cake to donuts to cupcakes, Ríos offers a whole range of fake confectionery creations.

Embroidered Cake Painting by Heather Ríos

Ríos uses a combination of Sculpey clay, acrylic paint and yarn to create his pieces.

Embroidered Cake Painting by Heather Ríos

His artistry as a baker has garnered a lot of attention online, with many fans remarking how amazed they are. Some even admit that it took them several points of view to realize that his creations were not real.

Embroidered Cake Painting by Heather Ríos

While many of these forbidden treats are on canvas, some of Ríos’ works are three-dimensional, making his illusory work even more realistic.

Embroidered cake sculpture by Heather Ríos

There is no doubt that these embroidery pieces are amazing to look at and might make you want to visit a bakery.

Embroidered Cake Painting by Heather RíosHeather Rios / Harara Textiles: instagram | Etsy

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