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Margaret, who has knitted and crocheted for several decades, showcased a knitted garment at the Yarrawonga Show before winning the top honor at the Berwick and Warrnambool shows to be considered eligible to take part in the Royal Melbourne Show in September. The top prize for the Royal Melbourne showRead More →

This free panda knitting pattern gives you all the steps you need to create an adorable stuffed panda in two different sizes. Make them in pairs or choose from the larger panda which is around 35cm or the smaller panda which is around 25cm tall. You’ll find the full knittingRead More →

If you learn to knit, you’ll knit point under control now. The next essential stitch you need to learn is how to purl stitch. Follow our four step-by-step instructions for beginners and you’ll be mastering the purl stitch in no time. What is a purl stitch? A purl stitch isRead More →

As the weather gets colder, get ready to stay warm with our free wrist warmers knitting pattern. Wrist warmers are the perfect accessory for the change of season between fall and winter when it’s cool in the evening but not cold enough to wear gloves. These wrist warmers are perfectRead More →

Her knitwear designs have been featured by Nike, Nicole Fahri and French Connection, but this Christmas the creative talents of top designer Caroline Adamiec will be on display at ‘Knitivity’ organized by students, staff, parents and friends of the Penrhyn Church School for the Angle Peninsula, Hundleton. Under the firmRead More →

If you like to knit, you might want to turn your knitting projects into a business. Knitting patterns can help you hone your skills and build up a full inventory. The following models can inspire you during your journey. Some may not be able to be sold as is, butRead More →

Tilak Dias’ academic career started when he joined the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka as an Assistant Lecturer in Knitting Technology after earning a “Diplom-Ingenieur” degree in Textile Engineering with Summa Cum Laude from the Technische Universität Dresden in 1981. In 1988 he obtained a ‘Dr.-Ingenieur’ also in textile engineeringRead More →

This poppy knitting pattern can be used to create a pretty poppy flower brooch that will dress up any outfit and can be worn in place of a traditional paper poppy as a token of remembrance this winter. This pattern for a knitted poppy is a great way to honeRead More →

HISTORIANS from Scottish and American universities have come together to produce a book of knitting patterns inspired by the architecture of the University of Glasgow – in collaboration with Scottish knitwear designers. Knitting The University of Glasgow book was compiled by Professor Lynn Abrams and Professor Marina Moskowitz – bothRead More →

McKinley’s Food Court Private Dining Hall has been known to host catering committee meetings in the past, as well as lunchtime meetings for a variety of on-campus groups. Laughing, chewing, and crunching tend to feature prominently in this space. But on Wednesday evenings between 6 and 8 p.m., the roomRead More →

Yuri Bears knitted by the Bruce McLaren Retirement Village group. Photo provided. Residents of the Bruce McLaren Retirement Village are making handmade teddy bears to send to displaced children in war-torn Ukraine. They are one of 45 Ryman Healthcare villages taking part in a cross-Tasman bear-making mission to make 20,000Read More →

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It all started with the woman’s sock surrounded by penises. In the mid-2000s, San Antonio knitting instructor Wendy Moreland joked online with knitter friends about creating a sock pattern that reflected their group’s personality. So the sassy Gen-Xer concocted this X-rated design: a subtle yet subversive “girly sock” with aRead More →

Cathy Nanputu, Andre van Staden and Adri Grib are ready to welcome the community to MachKnitz. MachKnitz invites knitters to showcase their craft at their fashion show in September.“The idea is to give knitters a platform to gain income and exposure,” explained Adri Grib of the NPO.The organization hopes toRead More →

Baby Beanies: Kyabram’s Craft Coordinator, Lesley Lowe, was the point of contact for the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation appeal, which resulted in thousands of knitting items being donated by knitting enthusiasts craftsmanship of Kyabram. Lesley Lowe didn’t have to look far for inspiration from her involvement with Life’s Little TreasuresRead More →

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Bloomsbury celebrates ‘rediscovered habit’ of reading Games Workshop plans international expansion In the dreary depths of confinement, certain hobbies have become acceptable again. Activities such as crochet, embroidery and macrame – once practiced by the over-70s and the clinically bored – have acquired a certain charm during the long, longRead More →

Young people are increasingly taking advantage of the leisure activities traditionally associated with the elderly, living what they call their “grandmother era”. Image: ilbusca/Getty Images VSThe confinements linked to ovid-19 have completely changed the way of life of young people. They got used to spending time alone and doingRead More →

Eve Jacobs-Carnahan is a talented textile artist. She’s also a former attorney, having spent 18 years as Vermont’s assistant attorney general specializing in election law. Her latest project, Knit Democracy Together, combines these professions along with the mindset that every voice counts – and has the potential to make aRead More →

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The Fleece Knitting Yarn Market will register a CAGR of 8.8% in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US$ 1237.5 million by 2027. The report provides detailed information on Fleece Knitting Yarn Market development, market size, CAGR, major key players and detailed survey of market patterns. ItRead More →

To improve the overall personal quality of church staff and solve the problem of re-employment, a hand-knitting training course was held for staff members in Hancheng, Shaanxi. The Hancheng Municipal CC&TSPM invited Jia Xiaoli, a teacher from the city’s professional handicraft cooperative, to teach more than 60 staff members fromRead More →

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Garter stitch is easily the easiest stitch pattern to create when knitting, even if you’re new to it. Double-sided, it’s your perfect choice for knitting flat pieces, like scarves and knitted blankets, where you don’t want the edges to curl. And if you’re looking for knitting patterns to inspire you,Read More →

What started as a way to overcome pandemic-induced anxiety and stress has become a way of life for Kunal Chourasia. The 23-year-old Mumbai-based social media executive, who started crocheting (a popular way of making yarn) amid the lockdowns, has sold more than 70 handicrafts so far. “Crochet stitches really helpRead More →

New Jersey, United States,- The world Fleece Knitting Yarn Consumption Market Market Research Intellect’s research contains all the market definitions, classifications, segments, applications, engagements, and market trends that a user needs to succeed in the global Fleece Knitting Yarn consumption market. In order to define the definition, categorization, procedures, andRead More →

If you’re the type of person who likes to break out your cardigans for the Irish summer, CRAFT NI new exhibition could be for you. Woolworks is a contemporary textile design exhibition that brings together practitioners who have felt they have spent too much time preaching and not practicing onRead More →