Chennai-based Inaki’s Yugen and Bhavani celebrate Lambadi craftsmanship and reinvent the jamakalam

Yugen sets

City-based Inaki has just released two new editions focusing on Lambadi embroidery and Jamakalam Bags. The brand, which is fast becoming a much-loved label in eco-conservation, upcycling, green craft and handcraft circles, is led by software engineer-turned-designer Lakshmi Subramaniam and already has a loyal set of fans around the world, including internet celebrities. vlogger Sailaja Talkies. The two new collections — Yugen (clothes) and Bhavani (Jamakalam bags) are now available online and to order and we catch up with Lakshmi for more:

“I started designing clothes when I came back to Chennai after eight years as a software engineer abroad. Once back, I decided to pursue this passion and started with an experimental label called Zuri in 2016. Once I had more confidence, I launched Inaki in 2018 and there has been no looking back since,” Lakshmi begins.

Bhavani Jamakalam Bags
Jamakalam Bags Bhavani
Yugen sets
sets of Yugen

Based in Sholinganallur, the brand’s new clothing collection Yugen takes its name from a Japanese concept. “Yugen refers to the emotion you feel deep inside when you come across something aesthetically appealing in Japanese. It refers to inner beauty and not superficial beauty. The collection is made up of four small capsule collections — Secret garden, water lily pond, pomegranate garden and summer rain in a gray and off-white color palette. We collaborated with an NGO called Buriya who works with Lambadi artisans in Tiruvannamalai and so you will notice Lambadi hand embroidery on most of the pieces,” adds the eclectic designer.

The new version also includes Bhavania collection of bags Jamakalam carpets with the aim of preserving the endangered carpet weaving craft of the town of Bhavani in Erode.

“Our clothing collections include cotton shirts, dresses and tops and we are always working on other additions to Yugen. Next, we’re adding another capsule collection of unisex cotton clothing in chambray and off-white to Yugenconcludes Lakshmi.

From INR 2,500. Available online.