Completely Addicted: How Diver Tom Daley Became the World’s Biggest Crochet Influencer | Tom Daley

Name: Tom Daley.

Age: 26 years old.

The plunger ? No, it’s Harry Kane… yes, the Olympic diver. Among others.

What other things? Vlogging… and now crochet.

Come on, I’m addicted. Tom too! He got into it during the first confinement, and since then he has made spectacular progress.

What did he do? So he crocheted sweaters, cardigans, tank tops – all posted on his knitting Instagram page @madewithlovebytomdaley. Plus an adorable pair of woolen bathing suits, which, to be honest, he’s about the only person who can pull off.

If I had a chest like that, I’d probably only wear crochet pants… And then there was an adorable colorful unicorn for her two-year-old son, the family Christmas table decorations and a plant holder.

It all sounds brilliant, but pretty basic, right? I thought you said he was good. Wait. Her latest creation is her take on a £1,750 Gucci backless mini dress. It was made with “a bit of leftover yarn,” he said. His fans say they can’t tell the difference between his version and the creator’s.

Daley’s version of a Gucci halterneck mini dress, modeled by her friend Sophie Lee. Photography: Instagram/madewithlovebytomdaley

Did he do it for himself? No, for her best friend, Sophie Lee.

And it’s Sophie Lee the… YouTuber, yes.

All these beautiful young crochet influencers, what’s going on? And we haven’t even mentioned Ella Emhoff yet.

The … Designer, model, daughter-in-law of Kamala Harris.

Exactly, this Ella Emhoff. So crocheting is no longer an activity reserved for little old women? No, right now it’s hot, hot, hot.

Could it just be a lockdown thing, everyone’s crocheting because there’s nothing else to do, and it’ll stop as soon as they’re allowed out? Maybe, but crochet has been in fashion for a few years now – from Dior to Dolce to Valentino. And then there was 2015, the summer of the crochet bikini, when a bunch of sporty crochet celebrities were spotted poolside, even though they were all dry, because crochet is extremely unsuitable for actual swimming.

Did we see Tom going into the water in his crocheted swimsuits? Absolutely not.

Say: “Awesome, amazing, priceless, ridiculously awesome, yours is far better,” as Tom’s followers said.

Do not tell : “But where is the Gucci brand?”