Couple call on Brighten up Dursley for crochet wedding flowers

LOVE will be woven into a wedding ceremony in more ways than one when a Dursley couple marry.

Lizzie Lindsell and her fiancé Jonathan Adkins have come up with a new idea to celebrate their special day with the help of the community.

The couple, both 47, want volunteers to crochet, sew and knit their wedding flowers after being inspired by the city’s colorful decorations.

Lizzie, a humanist wedding officiant, says she always sees wasted flowers at the weddings she officiates.

“The flowers are always beautiful but I always thought it was a bit extravagant because they don’t last very long, and it always makes me sad when they start to die,” she said.

“I remember seeing the handmade flower garlands in the city last year and being completely smitten with the concept and the execution.

“Crochet flowers fill me with joy because of what they symbolize, that people took the time and effort to make flowers, just to make the place happy for everyone.

“We’re doing the whole wedding on a budget, so we couldn’t really afford it anyway.”

Light Up Dursley has already placed hundreds of handmade flowers throughout the town center and has already made items for Jubilee, Remembrance Day and Easter.

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Some volunteers have already offered to help the couple get flowers delivered before the big day.

Lizzie said: “Crochet flowers would actually be more beautiful to us than real flowers because we would always know that good things were thought of when creating the flowers.

“Such teamwork, community, creativity, solidarity, it warms my heart.

“Jonny and I have never been married before and know we won’t be again, so we really want to take this opportunity to celebrate.”

The couple have been together for almost four years and plan to have a field wedding in Dursley, followed by a reception at the Chantry Center in August. After the ceremony, they plan to divide the flowers and distribute them to their guests in remembrance of their special day.

You can help the couple by contacting Brighten up Dursley on Facebook.