Crochet and dog sweaters? What is Tom Daley thinking?

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to look for ways to cut corners when launching a fashion label. Kim Kardashian’s ill-fated “Kardashian Kollection” has been accused of using child labor. Ivanka Trump was suspected of having copied the work of another designer. But this week, Tom Daley, surely takes the entrepreneurial cookie: he’s designed clothes, but rather than go to the trouble of getting them finished, he cuts out the middleman and leaves the manufacturing process to the customer. Lord Sugar, take note: this boy has ideas.

“I love this new collection and I love summer, being outside with family and friends, going on vacation, having a barbecue on my roof,” Daley said in a statement, showcasing a nine-piece collection, “Summer With Love”. which is so appropriate for the season, it is not only launched a week after the end of summer, but consists only of woolen products. Literally. Just yarn for days.

“To me, this collection encapsulates that feeling and has pieces you can create that can be part of your summer memories,” Daley, 28, continues. Those memories would presumably be summed up as, “That time when there just wasn’t enough heat rash cream in the world… But at least my arms were cool.”

As well as being a professional diver, Daley is also one of a growing number of celebrity ‘knitfluencers’, spotted fiddling with his yarn in the stands at the Tokyo Olympics last year, where he created a cardigan designed with a Team GB theme and a dog sweater. .

The cover led to a surge in popularity for the hobby, which a million people took up during the lockdown. And now Daley is making hay, or at least heaps of sweaters, with a clothing line, Made With Love. He sells crochet, home goods, children’s items, dog sweaters and a Pride collection, and has 1.3 million followers on his knitting Instagram page.