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KOCHI: Ninu Jacob, a Bengaluru-based entrepreneur mom, has turned her love for crochet crafts into a full-time business. Technician by profession, Ninu found the real pleasure of creating accessories for mothers to make up their babies. And about two years ago, Tiara de Ninu was born.

Being a mother of two children, Ninu understood the difficulty of sourcing high quality baby accessories. It all started after the birth of her first child. “In 2013, good quality baby accessories were rare on the market. The options were also minimal, it was either satin lace or a bow. Not finding any, I started making hair accessories and crochet shoes for my 9 month old baby. What I did caught the attention of my friends, and later I started doing it for them too. Their encouragement inspired me to start a business a year later, exclusively for baby accessories,” says Ninu.

Initially, Ninu provided crochet crafts as home decorations. “Interior decorations take longer. Since the production is managed by myself, it was a challenge to produce many products and deliver orders on time. Unfortunately, it didn’t start,” she says.

The local business was relaunched again in 2018 and now offers baby shoes, hair clips, headbands, tiaras, judas pins and headbands in various patterns and colors, all crocheted. Crochet flowers, hearts and stars are the most commonly used patterns. “I mainly use cotton threads. The finish of the material always accentuates the touch and feel of the product,” she adds. His creations measure between 1.5 cm and 8 cm.

The collection of colorful dahlias, pastel wildflowers, star flowers, flowers with French bows, primroses adorned with hair clips, headbands, bows is not just for the toddler crowd. Its collections can also complete the casual or festive look of an adult. “If a child can make these drawings, then why not adults”, quips Ninu. “I started the adventure to meet the needs of adults as well, since there were no takers there, I focused on babies. I started promoting for adults when a customer asked me if the accessories would fit her too,” she says.Her hair ties, clips, headbands and tiaras also have the adult option.

Since the season is approaching, Tiara by Ninu will also see Christmas-themed hair accessories. It will also feature Christmas tree decorations this time. Cowbells with a crochet bow tie, bead balls, crochet snowflakes are now available on her online store.

Instagram: @tiarabyninu