Crocs, hook and the unexpected rise of dryrobes

Festival season has returned to its former pre-pandemic glory… which means festival fashion has also made a comeback.

The first time in nearly three years that we’ve been able to gather in a muddy field and collectively celebrate our love of live music, this year’s festivities mark a ceremonial throwback to the golden feast days of yore.

A time of year dominated by vibrant colors, brash prints and lots of glitter, festival season is characterized by unrestrained joy – and fashion certainly reflects that.

Pulling out some of their most obnoxious clothes from storage for the occasion, music lovers certainly brought the style to the Sea Sessions this weekend and I was surrounded by a sea of ​​shitty shirts, sequins and neon. One thing is certain though: Irish festival-goers dress for the weather they want, not for the weather they have. The only time the woolens came out was after the sun went down and we all retired to our tents…at which point I piled on a pair of fluffy pajamas, socks thermals, a hoodie and an oversized wetsuit too. Ah, the glamour.

From crocheted bobs to the unexpected (but not unfathomable) rise of dry dresses, here are some of the trends we spotted at Sea Sessions this weekend.


I’m very pro-Croc so seeing these take over is a win for me. Easy to put on in the middle of the night when you have to run for the gate, easy to clean and pleasing to the eyes. What’s not to like? Your socks won’t come out unscathed, but it’s a small price to pay on behalf of the fash-hun.

Dry dresses

Hailed as the *must* accessory of the year in 2020, dry robes caused quite a stir when they hit the market two years ago. A by-product of the nation’s newfound love for wild swimming, they surged in popularity during lockdown when we all started touting the virtues of cold water therapy and throwing ourselves en masse into the sea of Freezing Ireland. Loved and hated in equal measure, they quickly became the “pots” of swimwear and it wasn’t long before two distinct camps emerged: those in favor and those staunchly against. Fast forward to the present day and festival-goers have now claimed the dry robes as their own… they’re basically detached tents with arms, so I guess that was always to be expected.


The influence of Vanessa Hudgens and her bohemian era lives on with crochet still dominating festival fashion all these years later. Dubbed the queen of Coachella thanks to her laid-back lust, the musical high school star has set a precedent for what constitutes good festival dress… and Irish audiences still buy into it, it seems. Sea Sessions was inundated with people wearing brightly colored crochet ensembles – most of them sporting some sort of pattern or floral pattern, all shouting “I’m cold and wish I was on a beach somewhere tropical at the place”.


Highlighter yellow, hot pink, fluorescent green – the more visually offensive the color, the better. Neon can be a daunting trend to tackle (it’s an attack on the senses!), but picking out an item of clothing/accessory and incorporating it into your existing wardrobe helps make it more wearable. A neon rain jacket or a pair of socks is a great way to try out the style as they’re subtle, but they’re still things you’re likely to wear over and over again.

Sports clothing

Festival outfits that are both comfortable and warm? Now that’s something we can get on board. The key to nailing this trend is to opt for varied silhouettes; think baggy, low-rise sweatpants and skin-tight crop tops, oversized tees and skin-tight bike shorts, Adidas track bottoms and sparkly halter tops… it shouldn’t work, but the contrasting styles are surprisingly complementary. Sporty Spice is your muse here.

bucket hats

I tried to avoid it, I too fell victim to the humble bob this year. Yes, it’s a cliché, but who cares? Often the making of an outfit is found in the accessories and hats are a great way to bring personality and style to your festival outfits. They are also indispensable companions for disguising unwashed hair. Dry shampoo and French braids can only get you so far.