Didcot’s crochet snake found by a child after a theft

A stolen crocheted snake that was made to bring a smile to the community has been found by a seven-year-old girl.

The snake was created by Anonymous Crochet Kindness by R and was installed at the junction of Worcester Drive and Sandringham Road in Didcot.

Crochet Kindness by R makes great crochet pieces to install in the area and bring joy to the locals.

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The artist, who is based in Fleet Meadow, was notified on May 23 that the snake had disappeared from its location.

The snake was placed on Worcester Drive and Sandringham Road. Image: Crochet Kindness by R

At the news of the robbery, the Yarnbomber said they felt “sad” and it made them wonder “why am I bothering to do this?”.

Speaking to the Oxford Mail, they explained they don’t derive any financial benefit from the artwork, but rather do it to ‘make people smile’.

The artist has a donation page where funds are plowed back into materials that create the projects for the community, with the average piece costing around £40 to make.

A week after the theft and the missing snake was located.

Oxford Mail: Alexys shows off her snake dance moves.  Photo: Samantha RedfordAlexys showing her dance moves with the snake. Photo: Samantha Redford

Seven-year-old Alexys Redford discovered the snake in a bush in Regent Gardens on Saturday May 28 and her mother contacted the artist with the news.

As a thank you, and because Alexys took a liking to the crocheted creature, the Yarnbomber will create and mail a snake replica to the family for them to keep.

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