Dublin’s Knit Shop’s Crochet Classes Will Make You Fall In Love With Crafts

Many people have turned to crafts and arts and crafts to get through the past two strange years.

One of those enjoying a resurgence in popularity in Dublin is knitting and crocheting.

And when you step into the joyous explosion of color that is The Knitting Room in Phibsboro, you’ll find a space not only for inspiration, but also for hands-on learning and forming friendships.

Carrie Kavanagh runs the store which moved to the Donnycarney area during the pandemic.

And speaking to Dublin Live, Carrie told us about what’s going on in the store and described the rich community formed by craftsmanship.

She revealed: “Most of the time we have classes where our students come to learn.

“A lot of people come in and do a show and say what I like. They buy the yarn at the store. I invite them back and they show us what they’ve done with it. It’s usually amazing work that comes back and I love seeing him.”

Carrie then took us through the beautifully decorated lane to her hidden secret, a welcoming teaching space where students enjoy tea, coffee and lessons from herself and local designers.

Teaching us some crochet tricks, Carrie told us the most important things we need to know before we start.

She said, “There will be a strip that will show you the size of the hook, so you match that hook size with the hook. You’ll know it’s the right size because when you put your yarn through your hook, it just sits there. .”

She goes on to explain that crocheting is basically creating a series of chains, which you can do whether you’re right-handed or left-handed.

Another piece of advice she gave us relates to when we turn to books and online resources to learn more.

She explained: “Make sure you search for the hook for the UK because Americans have different terms. Their single is our double.”

For people who have never picked up a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook, Carrie is keeping Thursday mornings free for her beginner-only classes.

She explained: “After completing these six weeks, you enter an enhancement class.

“All my students are working on the same project. Two of our tutors are Irish designers. Both would create their own designs and then we would all make a copy of that design.

“Right now our class is making crochet ponchos.”

For class times at The Knitting Room and to book classes, you can visit knittingroom.ie.

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