Durban woman tussles with bag and crochet clothing company: ‘I want to build a house for my single mum’

  • A creative woman living in Durban goes the extra mile with her small business and crochets beautiful jerseys, bags, skirts and more
  • After being unemployed for a long time, Nangamso Bana decided to take matters into his own hands and started a creative stampede
  • Now the young entrepreneur is hard at work and hopes to build a house for her mum after her business grows

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A young woman who grew up in the Eastern Cape and now resides in Durban uses her creativity to build a good life for herself.

Nangamso Bana crochets beautiful clothes and bags. Image: Nangamso Bana/Supplied.
Source: UGC

Nangamso Bana has her own business, crocheting swimsuits, bikinis, bags, skirts and other cool items, using a skill she learned in school to put food on the table.

In brief News had the honor of chatting with the hardworking woman, who says her faith kept her going after she almost lost hope of working again:

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“When the pandemic hit, I lost all hope of finding a job. I was so stressed and depressed. I couldn’t understand why I was still breathing if I couldn’t achieve anything in this world.

“I prayed a lot and cried out to God for help, but I quickly understood that nothing is impossible with Him because He is our provider.”

The 33-year-old started her business, called NASO Creations (Pty) Ltd, in 2020 but couldn’t really start the business as she had very little capital.

In July 2022, Nangamso officially registered his business and endeavored to run the business:

“Whatever I do I use it to grow the business so that one day I can create a nice yard and add a fence to the house. I want to build a house for my single mother who has been struggling since the death of my father.

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The young entrepreneur learned to crochet at school

Nangamso says she was inspired to start her business by God, who reminded her of a highly valued skill she learned when she was young:

“I did needlework at Libode Primary School in the Eastern Cape. I fell in love with it back then, but I had to change schools when I went to high school, there was no needlework, so I had to forget about it.

“When I couldn’t find a job, God kept reminding me that I loved knitting and crocheting. It’s such a beautiful art to do and therapeutic. It healed me.

A lady in Durban makes bags and crocheted clothes in a business venture
Nangamso has turned a therapeutic hobby into a lucrative business. Image: Nangamso Bana.
Source: UGC

The entrepreneur explains that she operates from home and markets her products on social networks:

“I make unique and stylish cardigans, mini skirts, maxi skirts, crop tops, crew necks, polo necks, suits, bikinis and much more.

“I normally take two days to make a skirt depending on the length, and 3-4 days to make a cardigan, depending on the size.”

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The persevering woman offers useful advice to young people who want to start a business using crochet:

“This field needs patience, creativity, talent, love, fun, enthusiasm, smart decisions, passion and productivity.

“I encourage the unemployed to believe in themselves and to pray to God to help us because he speaks to us. He tells us where to go and what to do. He is our creator, he formed us in our mother’s womb and he knows us.

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