Embroidery artist pays tribute to ‘heroic’ pandemic workers — The Hull Story

An embroidery artist is to create a work of art recognizing the ‘incredible’ efforts of frontline workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Erin Ledsom, an embroidery artist from Hull and recent graduate of the Royal College of Needlework, has been commissioned by Hull City Council to produce the piece, which will be displayed in the Guildhall.

She will also participate in a larger activity program that will include three community sewing sessions and a film capturing the creative process.

Erin said, “I feel honored to have been chosen to work on this commission. I look forward to starting the project, which will honor all workers for their incredible efforts during the pandemic.

Erin’s colorful and textured work is often inspired by her hometown.

She was the winner of Future Ferens Young and Emerging Talent at the city’s Ferens 2021 open exhibition.

City Council leader Daren Hale said: “Our frontline workers have kept our city moving during the pandemic, often when it threatened to shut down.

“They bravely and tirelessly supported our communities when they needed it most; these are the real heroes of the past two years.

“I am thrilled that Erin, such a talented young artist whose pride for her city transpires through her works, has been asked to produce this important piece, which will serve as a lasting recognition of the incredible efforts of our staff and workers at First line.”

Erin works intuitively, creating marks and shapes to form vibrant backgrounds for the designs she creates.

She uses her hand embroidery skills to bring the illustrations to life, using unconventional materials and using hand embroidery techniques.

These materials include straws, scubis (plastic string), pipe cleaners, pom poms and pom poms to add texture and 3D elements, as well as the use of 3D beading techniques, goldsmithing, crewelwork and relief work techniques.

The commission is supported by the Rupert Alec-Smith Trust Fund. Alec-Smith was an alderman of the council and left a trust fund for funding new artwork or acquiring older pieces relevant to the town.