Embroidery Machine No.2 – a retail crowdfunding project in Yelverton by Evanswood

So the business started in Somerset in 2017, I went from hobby embroidery on a single needle sewing and embroidery machine to custom workwear and gifts on a 6 needle Brother PR600ii machine. opportunity.

For the past 5 years we have moved to Devon, I have undertaken my Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship, I have home schooled my 11 year old son who is about to start secondary school , i had my husband hospitalized several times with everything from shingles to high blood pressure and his left heart valve not working as it should (very scary times), i had an occipital nerve stimulator fitted for occipital and trigeminal neuralgia (yes, I’m part robot now) and also kept the running part of the embroidery time through it all.

After all this we carried on, times were extremely difficult and we had very low times in a short time, but I am now opening a shop in Tavistock Pannier Market and will be working 5 days a week offering both personalized gifts on the same day, as well as the further development of workwear and uniforms.

Ideally now, to keep up with demand, I need to run two machines, but through everything our family has been through for the past few years, the funding just isn’t available.

I spent years thinking that my health alone would keep me from working full time, let alone all that we went through as a family.

I’m so passionate now about making the business a success and being able to rely on the needs of the family as well as being able to provide such bespoke service in an area where it just doesn’t exist.

All money raised will either be invested in a Brother VR embroidery machine or, if more is raised, it will go into a Brother PR680w embroidery machine. The new machine would be used the same day for garment, bag, plushie and cap embroidery service so that I could continue to run the original machine for larger orders of uniforms and store stock .