Finland Held Its Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship And It Looks Gloriously Crazy

The 2022 Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship took place in Joensuu, Finland last week and let’s just say the video of the event makes me feel like I’m on pins and needles.

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Well, that was a bad joke. But before you throw tomatoes at me, let me explain how this contest works. The events Facebook page explains that “In heavy metal knitting, sewing and music come together like never before. On the same stage…there is heavy metal music and knitting shaking hands. Knitting to the beat of the heavy metal music can be compared to playing air guitar.”

The first World Heavy Metal Knitting Championship, in 2019, was just as ridiculous as this year’s event. But the 2022 contestants were ready to shred — uh, sorry. Ready to thread. Feast your eyes on the images below.

This year’s competition was thrilling, as the British team string thing took care of business against Finnish and Scottish/Indian rivals as they came close to winning the 2022 World Heavy Metal Knitting Championship, as reported by euro news. Eight teams in total – including representatives from Australia and Japan – were all aiming for gold.

But in the end, the judges found that string thing showed creativity “in many different forms – from costumes to use of space and stage.… The show came off the stage as huge balls of yarn and the audience was included to have fun with the artist.”

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The pandemic suspended the championship for two years, but it was back with flying colors this year in Joensuu. You can find out more about the event at The event described their genesis as follows: “Heavy Metal Knitting – the weird ball of all sports, crafts and hobbies was invented during the darkest and coldest hours of the Finnish winter in Joensuu, Finland The year was 2018 and the term was said aloud by a journalist in a radio interview covering local craft professionals.

The knitters knitted for the duration of the interview (of course), which ultimately led to the magic question that apparently no one had asked before: “Is it possible for a knitter to knit with her eyes closed, hands behind your neck like Yngwie Malmsteen does? his guitar?'”

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