Free Crochet Blanket Pattern

This beautiful crochet blanket is super cuddly and so easy to make. If you’ve mastered basic crochet stitches and a granny square blanket, you’ll have no problem with our step-by-step guide to making this crochet throw that uses a pretty flower pattern.

For those of you who are still learning to crochet, this is a great beginner-friendly pattern for mastering double and half-treble crochet stitches.

Our free crochet pattern uses five colors to create a dynamic design that can be adapted to any color palette you choose.

Styling by Helen Johnson

We didn’t want to waste yarn, so our final throw size depended on how many patterns we could create with each ball.

Some balls had more length than others, so your final layout may need to be different from ours.

If you want a bigger throw, you can buy more than one ball of each color or more than 5 colors.

Our throw is just a suggestion, being made from identical unique designs – the finished throw can be whatever you want it to be!

This blanket pattern is also perfect for our Get Britain Knitting campaign. We have partnered knitting for peace to get everyone to crochet and knit blankets for families living in poverty. Find out more about our Get Britain Knitting campaign here.


Approximate final size 80 x 85 cm. Each pattern measures approximately 11cm in diameter.

You will need

  • One of each: 100g ball of Paintbox Wool Mix Aran in 5 colors (we used Stormy Gray 804, Slate Green 826, Pistachio Green 824, Vintage Pink 855 and Mustard Yellow 823).
  • 5mm hook
  • Sewing thread


    ch chain

    ch-sp string space

    cm centimeters

    CC double hook

    htr semi-treble

    representing repeat

    ss slip stitch

    m(s) stitches)

    tr triple.

    How to crochet the blanket pattern (we made 68)

    base ring Ch 6, join with ss in first ch to form a ring.

    1st round 1ch (does not count as st), [1dc into ring, 3ch] 12 times, sc to first sc.

    2nd round Ss in each of the next 2 ch, 1ch (does not count as a st), 1dc in the same 3ch-sp, [3ch, 1dc into next 3ch-sp] 11 times, ch 1, htr on top of first sc.

    3rd round * 6ch, 1dc in the next 3ch-sp **, 3ch, 1dc in the next 3ch-sp *; repeat from * to * 4 more times, then repeat from * to ** once, ch 1, tr 1 in htr that closed the previous round.

    4th round * [5tr, 2ch, 5tr] in the next 6ch-sp, 1dc in the next 3ch-sp; rep from * 5 times finest last rep in tr that closed previous round, ss to next st. Attach.

    Make patterns in each color – we made 14 patterns in 3 of the colors and 13 patterns in each of the other 2 colors – this will depend on how many you can make from each ball.

    We have arranged our designs in 5 rows of 8 designs alternating with 4 rows of 7 designs, you may wish to make your throw more narrow and longer. The designs are hand joined by sewing through the 2ch-sps at the stitches of each design, arranging the colors randomly.

    You now have a crochet blanket pattern that you can adapt according to size and color. But if you’re looking for more free crochet blanket patterns, check out this crochet baby blanket pattern.

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