From trainspotting to knitting, hobby dating is here to make you more attractive online

For decades, our digital love lives have been synonymous with swiping left and right across a screen, almost as if we’re throwing angry Birds in a gamified romantic experience. But it’s only after matching with a potential date that you become a Simulatordevelop answers and find the energy answer without it looking like an interrogation.

At this point, certain factors help drive engagement before the conversation dries up and eventually dies down. Profile pictures, for example, are a good start. Has your match uploaded images with a pet? Well, there’s a good chance it’s the main reason you swiped right on them first. But even if that’s the case, you have the best icebreaker at the end of the day. On the other hand, if the rest of their profile is overwhelmed with sweaty gym selfies and one foot fish they caught over the weekend, you know what to do.

Although the cheeky display of muscles, motorbikes and boats have turned into huge red flags in the dating sphere, there have been no suitors replacing these age-old assets – ultimately, all to celebrate our individual passion, if you really think about it – until now. Friends of Generation Zers, zillennials and millennials, follow me as I welcome you to the wholesome world of leisure dating in 2022.

What is a Hobby?

As dating app users look for new ways to show who they are and what they like, physical interests have become an essential part of their profiles as they increasingly plan dates around new hobby. Not only any hobby, by the way. We’re talking about the unconventional ones, and in that case, nesting it, the better.

According to a recent study by the Data and Analytics Group YouGovcommissioned by dating app for women first Bumblebeethere’s a growing trend to highlight your niche interests when building your dating profile — from traditional hobbies rediscovered during the pandemic to quirky, unconventional competitive sports.

Surveying 6,770 adults from the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland, the research found that more than half (51%) of single people think photos that reveal a skill for a sport or an interesting activity would encourage them to start a conversation. . In fact, nearly one in four (22%) said having a unique hobby trumps other opportunity factors when it comes to finding the right job. ideal partner, beating the tastes of knowing several languages ​​and being good at DIY.

Heck, half of the UK public even agreed that having an enthusiasm for a sport or activity can make you a more passionate partner in general. Where is the lie?

While the research helped Bumble identify the growing desire for partners who are unwaveringly passionate about their unconventional interests, it also shed light on the less favorite things to feature on their profile. The list in question includes gym selfies (60%), duck faces (57%) and photos that seem to crop an ex (53%). Messy bedrooms (43%) are also a big no-no.

Top 10 Sexiest Niche Activities

Hobby dates are undoubtedly an easy and convenient way to get back into the dating world after lockdown. But what exactly counts as a “niche” hobby in 2022? Walk in Francois Bourgeois in all its awkwardly charming glory.

Dubbed the “Bourgeois Effect”, the creator of the video inspired a whole nation of budding train spotters, not to be confused with train hoppers– including those who had absolutely no interest in locomotives. Now a third of Gen Zers admit they’re more likely to date a trainspotter than already before.

Meanwhile, the British diver Tom Daleywho won hearts for her habit of knitting between events at the Tokyo Olympics to help her cope with the stress of competition, sparked the interest of 29 percent of millennials aged 25-34 years dating someone who is passionate about knitting and crochet. In fact, Daley even converted his craft into a business due to public demand, launching Made with love which now sells knitting kits for sweaters, blankets, accessories and even a flamingo named Elvis.

Now let’s move on to a few ideas that are sure to spark more fascination around the dating sphere today. According to an online search by Research without barriers (RWB) in April 2022 with 2,011 UK adults, the ten ‘sexiest’ niche activities are: dancing (25%), wild swimming (20%), cycling (19%), horse riding ( 17%), karate or judo (14%), bouldering (13%), stand-up paddleboarding (13%), volleyball (13%), cheerleading (11%) and golf (11%). Someone still warm?

“Dating, especially in the beginning, is about finding things to connect on and understanding who the other person is. Your photos are an opportunity to reflect who you are, what you like and what you are looking for” , said the Bumble Sex & Relationships expert, Dr. Caroline West. “For example, a hiking photo can highlight your love of the outdoors, a particularly challenging accomplishment, or signal that you prioritize fitness and wellness. Portraying what makes you happy is key to finding an authentic connection, and by highlighting your unique interests and passions, you give people an easy conversation starter.

The Visual Way Forward

There’s no denying that you can tell a lot about a person just by listening to them talk about their favorite hobbies. By giving others an extra reason to connect with you, these hobbies also provide excellent first and second date fodder by helping you choose the ideal places to meet, with the ultimate potential to individualize any experience.

In short, how we spend our free time influences our relationships. In light of this, Bumble even launched Bumble Shoots, a unique photography experience that aims to help users perform at their best and create a profile that shows off their niche skills. The free photography session (which can be easily signed up through the dating app Instagram account) offers daters the opportunity to be captured in the activity they enjoy the most, whether it’s striking a complex yoga pose or landing on a skateboard.

To champion all the burgeoning niche activities, Bumble is also launching seven new “interest badges” in the coming weeks, including trainspotting, knitting, parkour, frisbee, beekeeping and more. “So far, 2022 has been a year of discovery for dating, and we’ve seen people on Bumble looking for new ways to show who they are and how they’re dating,” said Naomi Walklandresponsible for Bumble for the UK and Ireland.

“We identified a hobby dating trend earlier this year and have now added some interesting new sports and hobby badges to the app, including trainspotting and knitting which are new hobbies we’ve seen emerge from the pandemic,” Walkland continued. “People on Bumble can still choose from old favorites, like skateboarding, that speak to the return of millennial culture.”

By launching new badges, the romance giant hopes to allow users to show off even their most eccentric interests. Ultimately, it’s worth noting that pursuing your passion never goes out of style. The only changes are your hobbies which will evolve over time. So what are you waiting for? If you have long-lost obsessions in the attic, now is the time to revisit them and enrich your relationships along the way, as long as you don’t. kitten your way out of the trend, ie.