Get out those knitting needles, DeafBlind Ontario needs squares for Newmarket yarn bombing

Community spaces are decorated with knitted or crocheted squares during Deafblind Awareness Month in June

For the second year in a row, DeafBlind Ontario is participating in a yarn bombing project and needs your help.

“Bombing is really about decorating things in community spaces with squares of knit or crochet or sometimes also wrapped in yarn,” said Samantha Marren, Senior Communications Coordinator at DeafBlind Ontario.

Last year, the organization participated in the international initiative with more than 20 countries around the world to raise awareness about deafblindness.

“We really see it as this connection, that each square of knitting or crocheting symbolizes bringing people together in the field of deafblindness,” Marren said.

She said the tactile element of yarn bombing is a big part of the project.

“For someone who is deafblind, which is a combination of hearing and vision loss that is really unique to each person, the sense of touch is a very important part of communication for them,” she said. “So that tactile element means that maybe they can feel the feel of that yarn or maybe a square is knitted or crocheted in a different pattern. They can feel this difference between each square and it really gives them an idea of ​​what this art could look like visually.

As part of this year’s yarn bombing, projects will be installed in community spaces across the province in June, Deafblind Awareness Month. These spaces will be covered with pieces of yarn collectively made by members of the community, which is where you come in.

Knitters and crocheters are called upon to make squares of 20 centimeters by 20 centimeters. They can be any color, style or pattern as long as they are that size.

Completed squares can be mailed or dropped off in person at DeafBlind Ontario’s Newmarket office, located at 17665 Leslie Street, Unit 15. They must be sent by May 13.

The team will then connect them all together and prepare them to be installed. Currently they are planning to bomb the Jackson’s Point Parkette in Georgina as well as the library in Innisfil.

A potential project installation is still underway for Newmarket and more details, as well as information on other wire bombing sites, are available on the organization’s website.

Once the bombed wire is finished, members of the public can go check out the squares and learn more about deafblindness.