Group of Haddenham artisans knit ‘traumatic teddies’ for affected children in Cambs

A group of passionate Cambridgeshire artisans have banded together to create ‘traumatized teddies’ for affected children. The ladies’ group known collectively as ‘The Crafting Table’ meet weekly at The Cherry Tree pub in Haddenham near Ely.

Currently, the main focus of the group is to produce teddy bears that can be given to young children who have been traumatized by fire, theft or violence. The Crafting Table meets every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the village pub.

Crafting Table member and knitting queen Diane Sharp told CambridgeshireLive that the group hopes to soon showcase their designs to emergency and social services working across the county.

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The group’s main focus at the moment is to produce “Trauma Teddies” for young children.

The knitted teddies will be donated to frontline workers, including police officers and family support workers, to give to children who have been affected by traumatic events. It is hoped that they will provide a distraction to help draw the child’s attention away from potentially upsetting circumstances and help build rapport with emergency services.

In 2018, BCH Road Policing announced that it would give traumatic teddies to children to cuddle at accident scenes.

The craft table is open to anyone to join the organizers who write on Facebook: “come and drink fantastic coffee, eat a beautiful cake, do crafty things and discuss projects. We are a friendly group, all happy to try new crafts or teach each other. Come if you can, even if you’re just coming for a cup of tea and see what we’re up to.”

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