Hastings grandma teaches children the joys of knitting

In Hastings, one will find a grandmother who helps struggling boys at her local primary school through knitting.

Jeanette Cameron, known to the children as Mormor, started volunteering at Mahora School when her granddaughter Lily-Rose started six years ago.

He was assigned a group of boys to help him, but it proved difficult.

“A boy said to me, ‘I hate it’ and I came home exhausted and devastated because I hated it too,” she told 1News.

“And I thought, ‘If I don’t, who will? Nothing is going to get better, and if it’s not the right time, when will it be?

Cameron soon realized she had to keep the kids busy, so she introduced them to the joys of knitting.

She gives children one-on-one time that teaches them to share.

Some boys, like Slade, can’t stop knitting.

“It’s relaxing and very calming,” he said. “Keep doing it even if something goes wrong. Just keep trying.”

Cameron said teaching crafts helps kids develop their fine motor skills, which “helps them with writing and reading.”

When the school wanted to introduce a perceptual motor program to help children develop motor skills, Cameron invested $3,000.

And when Covid-19 hit, Cameron made over 300 packs – one for each child.

“Because she really cares about us and really loves us,” one student shared.

While her granddaughter has since graduated from school, Cameron has stayed.

“It’s my passion, it’s my goal, it’s my pleasure and it’s a privilege.”