Herbal tea, knitting and reading under a blanket: How Gen Zers are embracing their “grandmother era”

Young people are increasingly taking advantage of the leisure activities traditionally associated with the elderly, living what they call their “grandmother era”. Image: ilbusca/Getty Images

VSThe confinements linked to ovid-19 have completely changed the way of life of young people. They got used to spending time alone and doing quieter activities. And even as life returns to normal, trends for things like knitting and watching old movies persist. It’s what netizens call their “grandmother era,” as young people embrace the life of a grandmother, practicing hobbies often associated with older generations.

It all started with the “coastal grandmother”, the style of dress inspired by that of chic grandmothers on vacation. Since then, grannies and their lifestyles continue to be all the rage among young people. Many TikTokers share their evenings spent crocheting alone in front of a romantic movie with a glass of wine, saying they don’t want any contact with the outside world. Here, we are far from the clichés of a young generation addicted to their telephone. What is new is that they dare to talk about these hobbies and no one blames them for having chosen this way of life.

Thus, “the era of the grandmother” is becoming widespread. No more hiding from being introverted, because this quieter life is making waves on social media. There is no hashtag to make the buzz, but the term used on TikTok and Twitter accompanied by personal anecdotes. Take @lululoveslaban, who wrote: “Back in my grandma days. Love being home early, showering, in bed with a good tea and a good book before 9pm. Love it here.”

From crochet and sewing to tapestry, solo nights and vacations, here are some of Gen Z’s new favorite summer activities. This trend could be related to the fact that some young people do not feel comfortable in society since the pandemic. A survey conducted last March for the British media The Face revealed that nearly 67% of 14-23 year olds said they sometimes miss the life of confinement.

So forget the nightclubs, drunken parties and over-the-top summers, youngsters are now turning to crochet tutorials and enjoying their own company. Gone is the cliché of old people spending the evening knitting in an armchair with a cat on their lap. Today, it’s trending among many Gen Zers.

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