Here’s why crochet is the ultimate summer trend

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It seems that 2022 is the year of the resurgence of different decades, especially when it comes to fashion. Sure, we know 90s and 2000s fashion is having a serious moment right now, but there’s no denying that 70s-inspired looks are popping up more and more. From home decor to clothing, funky and fun colors, patterns and textures (like knits and crochet) are making their way into mainstream style.

This summer is also synonymous with easy-to-wear, comfortable and effortless style, with the “clean girl aesthetic” inspired by Matilda Djerf, all linen and Coastal Grandmother trends reigning supreme. The crochet trend fits right into this effortlessly cool-girl aesthetic. It’s unique but still easy, airy and doable.

What is the crochet trend?

When you think of crochet, you might immediately think of your grandmother’s favorite hobby. However, you can drop that thought from your mind because crochet is cool again. If you do a quick Google or Pinterest search for “70s fashion,” you’re almost guaranteed to find crochet tops, pants, dresses, and accessories. ’70s style icons like Joni Mitchell and Cher were often photographed wearing crochet — and I can definitely say I’d love to wear some of these pieces today.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen crochet pop up on fashion shows and in products from top designers. This crochet-style raffia tote from Prada has quickly become the it-girl bag of the summer, even with its exorbitant price. And we can’t forget Harry Styles’ iconic patchwork cardigan, which inspired an entire TikTok trend. But don’t worry: like most high fashion trends, crochet has taken over mainstream fashion and become more accessible than ever (hint The devil wears Prada cerulean speech). Keep scrolling to shop our favorite crochet pieces.

How to wear the hook

This trend may seem daunting, but the best part is that it can be achieved on a sliding scale. If you’re not ready to go for a funky and colorful 70s pattern, you can start with a simple crochet top or bath cover in a gorgeous neutral hue. This trend lends itself to an effortless overall look. So a cute crochet top pairs perfectly with your favorite denim, and a fun crochet tote adds a unique touch to your linen beach outfit.







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