How a knitting magazine became a movement to help artisans work smarter

Knotions Magazine was launched with one goal in mind: to help crafters, but its unprecedented success suggests that something much bigger is happening.

LAKEWOOD RANCH, Florida., November 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Knitting, crocheting, or crafting of any kind can be the most soothing, yet stimulating activities for the mind and hands. However, for those in the know, these seemingly relaxing moments can quickly become frustrating when things go wrong. Jody Richards, a lifelong knitter and crocheter, tech editor, math geek, web developer, and MS fighter was no stranger to this eternal battle, but over time he found a way to create smarter, not harder. Jody’s experience became the basis for Knotions Magazine, the first online knitting and crochet magazine.

Knotions was created to bridge the gap between education and accessibility for crafters of all experience levels. As the founder of Knotions, Jody aims to help them understand how yarn crafting works and keep up to date with all the latest and trending new designs, yarns and accessories. .

A natural leader, Jody has an innate passion for teaching which is evident in her tutorials on knitting and crochet techniques. The topic dives into topics on increases, decreases, lace, socks, cables, drop and swap, bun, and more. E-books are available for sale on knitting and crochet techniques, including knitting 101, sock knitting, shawl knitting, crochet 101, Amigurumi crochet, shawl crochet, and more.

“Knotions has a growing catalog of hundreds of patterns and tutorials, guaranteeing something for crafters at all levels. The magazine offers its readers many ways to take advantage of its premium content; monthly subscription and individually purchasable patterns for $5.95 or less. Each design is technically edited and professionally photographed to show a variety of details. Knotions’ technical editing and errata process ensures a model that can be created with confidence.” – Jody RichardsCEO of Knotions

More than just a magazine, Knotions championed change in diversity and inclusion for its designers and models. One of Knotions readers shared that “Knotions has led the way in providing opportunities for diverse designers and patterns, and keeping quality patterns accessible and affordable for all knitters.” Additionally, Knotions also offers articles written by guest authors, yarn reviews, and giveaways.

Knotions offers online patterns and tutorials at a la carte prices to suit the preferences and experience levels of all crafters. Premium content is also available as part of a monthly subscription where members receive all six editions of the magazine throughout the year.

Just in time for the November 2022 problem, Knotions is offering an exclusive promotion to receive 25% off the first 3 months membership fee by visiting Simply use the promo code CELEBRATE to take advantage of the discount. Launch November 17the November 2022 The issue includes 6 exclusive and beautifully vibrant designs: 2 socks, 2 collars, 1 beanie and 1 sweater.

Through proof of concept, dedication to craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to the community, Jody’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition as Knotions continues to expand its mission to inspire joy and to help others create smarter.

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Knotions is a leading online knitting and crochet magazine that appears six times a year, in February, April, June, September, November and December. Knotions was founded by Jody Richards, a lifelong knitter, crocheter, tech writer, math enthusiast, web developer, and MS fighter to bring joy to like-minded people and help others create smarter. The website offers hundreds of a la carte patterns and tutorials for countless knitting and crochet projects, and the magazine offers exclusive premium content for members only. Each template is technically edited before being released and support is offered for all templates if needed.


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