How to choose the right yarn for your knitting

1, 2 & 3 ply

Essentially one strand, or two or three strands of yarn twisted together, they are perfect for knitting fitted garments such as socks, gloves or lace. Most often, 2ply is knitted on 2-3.5 mm needles, and it is best used for knitting delicate lace and baby clothes.

4 ply

It is a preferred weight for baby clothes, socks, and lightweight sweaters and cardigans. The best needles to use with 4ply yarn range from 3mm to 4mm, although socks are knit with smaller needles to create a denser, stronger fabric.


Double knit (DK)

So called because it’s typically double the weight of 4ply, DK is the most widely used yarn and is versatile enough for many garments. It is also quick to knit. Most patterns and yarns suggest using 3.5-4.5mm needles.


Originally created for fishermen’s sweaters, Aran weight wool can be used to make accessories and many different garments when the DK is not heavy enough and the bulk is too bulky. It is perfect for outdoor or warm clothes. The best results are obtained with 4 to 5.5 mm needles.


Heavier than Aran, the thick wool is traditionally associated with outerwear and winter sweaters. It is knitted on 5.5-7mm needles and is ideal for beginners as the knitting will develop quickly and you will get fast results! It is also ideal for oversized garments.

giant ball of yarn choosing the right yarn


super big

This yarn weight is increasingly popular for making winter coats and sweaters. It is also good for beginners as it produces quick results. We recommend using needles at least 7mm thick, up to 12mm thick. This yarn is good for upholstery.


Quick and easy to knit, chunky yarns are perfect for winter and making bold statements. You will need large needles for this yarn – up to 20mm thick. It’s perfect for bold scarves and coats, as well as cozy pillows and throws.

What size knitting needles should I use?

Generally, these sizes of knitting needles are best used with the following yarn weights.

2.5-3.5mm – 2ply – 4ply wire

3.5-4.5 mm – DK thread / 8 ply

5-6mm – Aran yarn / worsted yarn

7mm and bugger – big wire

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