How to Crochet Christmas Sprouts

It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas and it’s well worth the effort to make your own decorations and gifts.

In addition to fancy sweaters, cozy blankets and Christmas stockings, you can also create handmade home decor to impress your loved ones.

We have teamed up with Jthe sewing room Rachel Tidcombe, founder and crafts author, will share tips on how to crochet festive sprouts that you can use again and again as fun decorations around your home or as a last-minute personalized gift.

Rachel Ticombe

According to Rachel, they will make an ideal project for beginners. She said prima“I only learned to crochet a few years ago and it was one of the first things I did. They are simple to make and everyone who has seen them at my house loves them!

“They are fun to make and don’t take very long. A sprout takes me about an hour to make now. I made myself a bowl of them a few years ago and also gave some to my sister and they come now every year at Christmas.”

Learn how to crochet including chain work and the first stitches with our ultimate guide.

What you will need

  • Rachel used Sirdar’s Snuggly Double Knitting (acrylic blend) in “playground” green, but any DK yarn will do. A cozy 50g ball of yarn makes about six to seven shoots.
  • toy stuffing
  • Hook Size – 4.0mm
  • Googly eyes – 10mm


    Rachel said: “Use a stitch marker to mark where each row begins (or use a paper clip if you don’t have one).”

    “Have a notepad and pencil next to you to write down which row you are on!”


    You need to make 1 x sphere and 3 leaves.

    For the sphere:

    Start with a magic ring and 6 Double Crochet (DC) in the ring and tighten.

    R1 – (2 DC in each stitch) x 6 (12 stitches)
    – (2 DC in the next stitch then 1 DC) x 6 (18 stitches)
    R3 – (2 DC in the next point then 2 DC) x 6 (24 points)
    R4 to R7 – DC in each stitch (24 stitches)
    R8 – (1 DC decrease then 2 DC) x 6 (18 stitches)
    R9 – (1 DC decrease then 2 DC) x 6 (12 stitches)

    Leave a long tail then fill the sphere now. Once full, topstitch the edges and bring the base closer to the sprout.

    For the leaves (make 3)

    Start with a magic ring and 6 DC in the ring and pull tight.

    R1 – (2 DC in each stitch) x 6 (12 stitches)
    R2 – (2 DC in the next stitch then 1 DC) x 6 (18 stitches)
    R3 – (2 DC in the next point then 2 DC) x 6 (24 points)
    R4 – (2 DC in the next point then 3 DC) x 6 (30 points)

    Finish and leave a long tail.
    Sew the leaves to the sprout and finish neatly.
    Take two googly eyes and glue them in place with glue.

    Hands of senior woman knitting Christmas sweater

    Rachel Ticombe

    Meet the Maker

    Rachel Tidcombe created The sewing room and shares her designs on Instagram and sells through Etsy. She has also written and illustrated a book and is looking to get more people to sew. She hopes to show people that even using the most basic sewing skills, you can create great things. Everyone knows how to sew, but maybe they don’t know how yet.

    How did you rediscover your love for craftsmanship?

    I helped a friend sew and saw her confidence grow once she knew what to do and decided to write a book to teach people the basics of sewing. I spent confinement writing a book; creating projects, writing and illustrating instructions and photographing them all in my back garden.

    How has crafts influenced your life?

    It is my release from stress and gives a feeling of satisfaction. I’ve been sewing since I was 7 and have made myriad things from upholstery to wedding dresses. I recently taught myself to knit and crochet as well. You gain a sense of accomplishment when you do something yourself, and it lifts your spirits.

    What advice would you give to beginners in sewing and where to start?

    Keep it simple and don’t be too ambitious. Master some basic skills on really simple projects, then they will go well and you can progress to something more adventurous. Your confidence will grow with everything you do.

    Rachel Sew’s book is available for purchase here.