How to crochet for beginners step by step with pictures and videos

If you’re seasoned or new to the world of crafts and DIY, the GH Stitch Club is the perfect place to learn how to crochet, knit, macrame and more. There are helpful how-to videos as well as the latest tips and tricks to keep your family engaged and creative. As the months get colder, you may be looking to take up a new hobby or project, making our simple guide to how to crochet for beginners great to keep handy whenever you have free time.

In this tutorial, we show you the basics and everything you need to crochet your own bobble cowl – a crochet cowl pattern usually made with lightweight yarn for any novice. This crochet project is ideal for a novice, as it can be done in a few hours. It’s perfect for winter and even holiday gifts (check out our holiday gift ideas for inexpensive, thoughtful and personalized options).

So follow our simple steps for instructions on how to make a bobble hat. You can also watch our video above for step-by-step visuals.

How to crochet a bobble hat

What you will need

Tips to remember before you start:

  • When you grab your yarn and look for the end to start, it will always be on the left side of the logo.
  • Check the back of the label for the knitting needle or hook you choose to use.

Step 1: Start with a slip knot.

how to crochet for beginners, a woman's hand tying a knot in the yarn

For every crochet project, you want to start with a slip knot. Cross the thread over itself then pull the tail through to make the loop. Slip your hook through the slip knot.

Step 2: Crochet your foundation chain.

how to crochet for beginners, create a foundation chain by hand with yarn

Next is your foundation chain. Wrap your yarn from behind and over the hook. Pull this thread through. Repeat the process until you have 32 loops in your foundation chain (you don’t count the first loop on your hook).

Tip: Make sure your tension is not too tight or your finished wrap will run small.

Step 3: slip stitch.

how to crochet for beginners, woman's hands creating a pom pom cowl

Use a slip stitch to join the ends together, creating a ring. To do this, insert your hook into the first chain. Yarn over and pull your yarn through the first chain of the scarf before pulling it through the first chain of your hook.

Step 4: Create your pom poms.

how to crochet for beginners, woman making a bobble cowl

Start by chaining two loops, then make a yarn over. Insert your hook into the first gap (chain) before pulling. Yarn over, insert the hook, yarn over and pull three times in the same space to create your pom pom. You should have seven loops on your hoop. Make a thread over your hook and pull through all seven loops on your hook to complete the loop. Then chain a stitch to secure.

Create a second bobble by skipping the next chain and working in the third chain of the loop. Repeat the bobble process until you have 16 bobbles in the first row.

Join in the round with slip stitches in the first two chains before making the first pompom. Insert the hook, yarn over, pull through, then pull through the first loop that is on your hook. Chain in half and create your pom pom in the space next to your chain.

Tip: slip stitch to join the second row together.

Step 5: Embed a new yarn.

how to crochet for beginners, loop new yarn

When you are at the end of your yarn, take the yarn from your new ball and make a yarn with the original yarn and the new one. Pull the two through to secure the pom pom. Continue the pattern to create another pom pom in the next space until the new ball is used up.

Step 6: Finish your scarf.

how to crochet for beginners, a pompom cap

At seven turns, you should be back at your starting point (where you tied your tail slipknot). Finish your scarf by making another slip stitch. Insert the hook into the top of the last pompom from the previous round. Yarn over, pull and pull through the loop of your hook. Throw, pull and cut the tail.

Tip: Weave the free ends with your crochet hook.

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