How to Start an Embroidery Journal to Document a Year

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The start of the new year usually conjures up the idea of ​​resolutions. We all like to look at the year as a blank slate with all sorts of opportunities just waiting to be discovered. A common goal or resolution people might try to start the year off with is to journal or write down your thoughts and feelings every day.

Yet for some people the mere thought of writing in a blank space notebook each day can cause more stress than it relieves. The good news is that journaling doesn’t have to be a written journal. If you’re a crafty person, you might want to try an embroidery journal!

What is an embroidery newspaper? It’s a DIY project where you sew a small icon for each day of the year into one cohesive piece of fabric to document the 365 days in a colorful and artistic way! UK-based TikToker Sophie (known as @thestircrazycrafter on the app) has become an internet guru on embroidery reviews and made me want to try my luck in 2022, even if I don’t embroider.

A look at her year in review for 2021 just might inspire you to pick up the needle and the thread to start your own crafty journal!

@thestircrazycrafter2021 has definitely been a weird year, but it has had its highlights. ##embroideryjournal ##embroidery♬ Hit Reset – A big fat pile of leaves

A look at other social media apps will give you an idea of ​​how you can customize your own embroidery journal. Maybe you’re not very artistic with drawings. No problem! Twitter user @namittaj68 shared an embroidery journal made up solely of words she came across in her search for inspirational ideas.

A Major League Baseball Washington Nationals fan uses her embroidery journal to document her favorite team’s season by including a variety of icons, words and numbers to showcase the league’s wins, losses and memorable moments. season. Here is a glimpse of his diary at the start of the 2021 season.

Even if you’ve never done embroidery before, Sophie assures her followers that this stitched journal is the perfect learning tool. You don’t need a lot of materials to start and you can refer to Sophie’s 7-Element Master List you can find at any craft store to find what you need. She also has a great tutorial in the same post on how to installation and start your daily diary, as well as regular posts on it instagram and TikTok Accounts to help subscribers have their own embroidery journal experience.

I’m taking the plunge in 2022 to try this embroidery journal idea. Looks like a colorful way to reflect on my days and I can’t wait to have something to frame and hang on New Years Day in 2023!