Hubli Man starts knitting to overcome his anxiety

Breaking down gender stereotypes is a brave and important attempt to help society abandon unnecessary and absurd expectations of boys and girls. From an early age, women were told that they were supposed to not engage in physical activities, but rather opt for hobbies like knitting.

Thus, knitting has long been considered a female hobby. Things have changed and how! Sohail, a young entrepreneur, is one of the few male knitters to have received widespread recognition.

When Sohail started knitting, it was simply to pursue a hobby that would help her overcome her anxiety. He never thought it would soon become an inseparable part of his life. He knitted great sweaters and his friends helped him realize the value of his talent.

With the support of his family, friends and loved ones, he was able to start his own instagram company as The Rough Hand Knitter. Society needs more people like Sohail who are taking action to eradicate gender stereotypes and her family and friends who support these people and want to create change.

Man Breaking Gender Stereotypes: ‘I Started Knitting to Overcome Anxiety’

“I started knitting a year ago to overcome my anxiety. I wanted to learn something creative. Often I thought, ‘what will happen when I get old and I don’t have a job, what will I do? Knitting was the solution. Last year I ordered some yarn and a needle and started learning knitting on YouTube. It helped my anxiety,” he said.

“Once I was knitting a sweater when a friend of mine came up to me and said, ‘I want to buy this.’ But I wasn’t selling. She kept insisting and asked the price; I became skeptical. I never thought people would want to buy handmade things when you can just buy good sweaters,” he added.

“After constant insistence, I offered Rs.900. She refused it and said ‘it’s not worth 900, you should take something more’ & offered Rs.1700. That’s when I I realized the true value of handmade products. Once, I even thought that my friends took them at a higher price just to encourage me. That’s when I asked the owner to a thrift store to sell it in his shop. I sold it for Rs. 650. I still regret so much that I underestimated the price.

“People loved buying from me and that’s what motivated me to create my Instagram account. My sister volunteered. From selecting yarn colors to planning content, she was my column spine. But she’s not the only one. The day I told my dad that I wanted to knit, he was very happy. He’s very supportive. Even when I have to sit up late at night to knit, they (my sister and my father) sit with me. They even help me wrap my yarn,” he explained how his family supported him.

“My family, loved ones, colleagues and everyone around me are really supportive and grateful. My loved ones even give me orders. Everyone’s efforts have really paid off. I feel so good when I see children carrying the clothes knitted by me Sometimes, when I’m too tired, I redirect people to other pages for orders, but they come back saying ‘we want a sweater knitted by you’.

“Now I’m addicted to knitting and I intend to make a change in it. I want to raise money to help people knit and inspire many others to do things they love. So, if you want to learn something, go for it, because trying is better than regretting life.

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