“I’m determined to bring smiles” – Syston Knitting Banksy strikes again with St. George’s Day masterpiece

Anonymous Syston Knitting Banksy strikes again – this time with a historical story behind its centerpiece of yarn. The post-box-top artist created his latest work of art in honor of St. George’s Day on April 23.

The elusive knitting expert, who like her namesake wants to remain anonymous, has made a name for herself during the pandemic, setting patriotic toppers all over Syston. The designs even got royal recognition – after sending a card to Buckingham Palace with a photo of a Queen’s topper, they received an official response saying “we thank her for her work”.

The most recent masterpiece, on the High Street, features a “cute and comical” dragon, alongside a miniature knight. The anonymous knitter, known as SKB, said her main reason behind the cause was that she was “motivated to bring smiles”.

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She told LeicestershireLive: “The main reason for knitting covers for the bare letterboxes is that I’m motivated to bring smiles, which I think is particularly important in the current climate, hence the dragon very cute and comical that i knitted to promote this very special day.

“There really is no other agenda although I am sometimes asked to create toppers to promote a charity or raise awareness for a cause, and I am happy to be able to ‘do my part’.”

This time, however, the knitted top had a message attached, recounting the historic origins of St. George’s Day. She wrote: “The topper tells the story, first recorded in the 11th century, of the dragon slain by St George to save a beloved princess from her sacrificial fate.

“However, it is believed that St George was a Roman army officer, possibly of Greek descent, who was executed on April 23, 303 AD, because he refused to give up his Christian faith.”