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Incredible video! A person knitting with noodles

Watch this viral video of someone knitting with noodles

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Knitting is a work of art. This form of crafting takes a lot of practice and patience. It takes years to be able to knit clothes professionally and the end results are always amazing. Beautiful cardigans, sweaters, scarves and hats come to mind when we hear the word knitting.

However, what we see in this video shared online is completely mind-boggling. Isn’t it true that most of the news these days about noodles revolves around how they are eaten or a weird meal made from them? What we have here today, on the other hand, has everything to do with noodles but nothing to do with eating them; puzzled? Let’s get things straight.

A bowl of noodles is knitting in an Instagram video that quickly racked up 11 million views in just a few days! Yes, you read that right: In this now-viral video, a person knits a large square of noodles.

Viewers were surprised by the oddly enjoyable video. While half the audience is amused, the other half is puzzled as to why anyone would waste so much food and time on this. Others have speculated that the woman crocheting these noodles was simply bored and unemployed because she wasted so much time. “What a useless job”, “How bored”, “They were too bored.”
And a lot of people supported the knitted noodles. “The thrill of biting into it”, “I want to eat this even though it looks so delicious as it is oop” and “I kinda want to eat this” were some of the supporting remarks.

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