Knitting and Crocheting: People are flocking to Fiber Flurry in Wyoming | Featured story

WYOMING — If you love knitting, you’ll know it’s often a passion.

On Saturday, people from all over western New York passed the village in Wyoming to learn how to make fiber arts or get local supplies. This was of course part of the Fiber Flurry event.

The gathering marked Fiber Flurry’s sixth year – it started with a group of friends who got together and did some knitting and lessons before finally involving vendors. This year’s event took place in three separate buildings downtown.

“It’s grown every year,” said Grants and Education Coordinator Linda Franke. “We knit and crochet. Sometimes some pins spin or fall out. We obtain hand-dyed fleeces or yarns. We have spinning wheels this year that people can get.

Saturday’s event was also the first year Fiber Flurry hosted a fleece sale, as well as a panel of shepherds. Local shepherds were able to answer questions about breeds and fleeces.

Franke said the beginner courses are the most popular. However, this year’s needle felting classes were very popular, she said.

Pilar McKay was helping protest on Saturday, knitting a cardigan for her sister.

As for how she got into knitting, McKay said she was teaching at American University when one of her students was teaching a knitting class.

“I said I had to learn to knit again so I could take her class,” McKay said. “I ended up never taking his class, but I kept knitting. I used to work at the Wyoming County Arts Council and there are a lot of great private artists on staff. So I kept it.”

If people want to learn how to sew or knit, they can contact the Wyoming County Arts Council.

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