Knitting, crocheting are great for creativity, connection

By Natalie LaFata, Lauren Pallaci and Gioia RacanelliChildren’s Day Journalists

What do you do when you come home from school or the store? Are you going straight to playing video games, watching TV, or gaming on an iPhone? We have a great suggestion for you. We recommend handicrafts like knitting and crocheting. In our class, we brought back these crafts and we enjoy them together. We learned that they are fun and easy to make.

Knitting is an old school craft that uses two needles and yarn. In knitting, the item cannot be as wide as the needle length. There are many needles in different sizes and different thread thicknesses. You can knit so many things including hats, scarves and mittens.

Crocheting is another old school craft. It uses a single hook and yarn. There are many sizes of hooks. There are also lots of different things you can make, like huge blankets, fun hats, and cute sweaters.

Another type of crochet is on a loom. A loom is super simple and is ideal for beginners. All you need is a loom and a ball of yarn. You don’t need needles or crochet hooks. You can create different patterns on hats which turn out to be fun and stylish.

As we learned to knit and crochet, we discovered that we had connected with family members who had been doing these crafts for years. It was fun having our teacher show us how to do this and then working with our mothers and grandmothers on our projects and seeing how happy they were that we had something to do together.